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Dipingere is an Italian verb that means to paint or to depict something using colors.

Part of speech



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Meaning: to paint

Mi piace dipingere paesaggi.

I enjoy painting landscapes.

Meaning: to depict

Il quadro dipinge la sofferenza umana.

The painting depicts human suffering.

Meaning: to dye

Ho bisogno di dipingere i capelli.

I need to dye my hair.

Meaning: to color

Dipingi le pareti della stanza con un colore vivace.

Color the walls of the room with a vibrant color.

Meaning: to portray

L'artista ha dipinto il volto di una donna bellissima.

The artist portrayed the face of a beautiful woman.



  • io dipingo
  • tu dipingi
  • lui/lei dipinge
  • noi dipingiamo
  • voi dipingete
  • loro dipingono


  • io dipingevo
  • tu dipingevi
  • lui/lei dipingeva
  • noi dipingevamo
  • voi dipingevate
  • loro dipingevano


  • io dipingerò
  • tu dipingerai
  • lui/lei dipingerà
  • noi dipingeremo
  • voi dipingerete
  • loro dipingeranno


  • io avevo dipinto
  • tu avevi dipinto
  • lui/lei aveva dipinto
  • noi avevamo dipinto
  • voi avevate dipinto
  • loro avevano dipinto

Simple Past

  • io dipinsi
  • tu dipingesti
  • lui/lei dipinse
  • noi dipingemmo
  • voi dipinseste
  • loro dipinsero


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A1: Io dipingo un quadro.

I paint a picture.

A1: Tu dipingi la parete.

You paint the wall.

A1: Lei dipinge un fiore.

She paints a flower.

B1: Ieri ho dipinto una natura morta.

Yesterday I painted a still life.

B2: Mentre dipingevo, mi sono accorto di aver finito i colori.

While I was painting, I realized that I had run out of colors.

B2: Domani mattina dipingeremo la stanza di blu.

Tomorrow morning we will paint the room blue.

C1: Dipingere richiede molta pazienza e concentrazione.

Painting requires a lot of patience and concentration.

C2: Se avessi saputo che il quadro sarebbe stato così bello, lo avrei dipinto prima.

If I had known that the painting would be so beautiful, I would have painted it earlier.

C2: Dopo aver dipinto per anni, finalmente ho trovato il mio stile personale.

After painting for years, I finally found my personal style.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

Dipingere is a common verb used in the world of art and painting. It refers to the act of applying color to a surface, such as canvas, paper, or wood, to create an image or artwork. The process of dipingere involves selecting the right colors, mixing them together if necessary, and then applying them to the surface using a brush or other tool. This can be done in many different styles and techniques, from realistic to abstract.

In addition to its use in art, dipingere can also be used figuratively to describe the act of describing or portraying something in words. For example, one might say 'ha dipinto un quadro della situazione' (he painted a picture of the situation) to mean that someone has described a situation in detail or given a vivid portrayal of it. This usage is less common than the literal meaning of dipingere as painting with colors.

Overall, dipingere is an important verb for anyone interested in art or Italian culture. Whether you are learning to paint yourself or simply appreciating the works of others, understanding this word can help you better appreciate the beauty and complexity of Italian art and language.

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