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The Italian adjective diretto means direct in English.

Part of speech



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Meaning: direct

Prendi la strada diretta per arrivare più velocemente.

Take the direct road to get there faster.

Meaning: straight

Vai sempre dritto fino alla fine della strada.

Always go straight until the end of the road.

Meaning: immediate

Abbiamo bisogno di una risposta diretta, senza indugi.

We need an immediate answer, without delay.

Meaning: unmediated

Ho avuto un contatto diretto con il direttore dell'azienda.

I had direct contact with the company's director.

Meaning: primary

La mia diretta responsabilità è garantire la sicurezza dei dipendenti.

My primary responsibility is to ensure the safety of employees.


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A1: Questo è il treno diretto per Roma.

This is the direct train to Rome.

A1: Prendi la strada diretta e arriverai al ristorante.

Take the direct road and you will arrive at the restaurant.

A1: Ho una domanda diretta per te.

I have a direct question for you.

B1: Ho diretto un film l'anno scorso.

I directed a movie last year.

B1: Stiamo cercando un volo diretto per Parigi.

We are looking for a direct flight to Paris.

B2: Il professore mi ha dato indicazioni dirette su come risolvere il problema.

The professor gave me direct instructions on how to solve the problem.

C1: Sono stato direttore di questa azienda per dieci anni.

I have been the director of this company for ten years.

C1: La mia amica mi ha chiesto un parere diretto sulla sua nuova canzone.

My friend asked me for a direct opinion on her new song.

C2: Il politico ha tenuto un discorso diretto alla nazione.

The politician delivered a direct speech to the nation.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

In Italian, the word diretto is commonly used to describe something that is straightforward or without any intermediary steps. For example, a diretto flight from Rome to New York would be a non-stop flight without any layovers or connections. Similarly, a diretto approach to problem-solving would involve tackling the issue head-on without any unnecessary detours or distractions.

The term diretto can also be used in reference to communication. In this context, it refers to a message that is conveyed without any ambiguity or indirectness. A person who speaks in a diretto manner is someone who is clear and concise in their speech, avoiding any unnecessary embellishments or beating around the bush.

Overall, the word diretto conveys a sense of efficiency and clarity. It is often used in business contexts where time and resources are valuable commodities, as well as in personal interactions where honesty and directness are valued traits.

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