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Part of speech





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Meaning: speech

Il presidente ha tenuto un discorso importante.

The president gave an important speech.

Meaning: conversation

Abbiamo avuto un lungo discorso sul futuro del paese.

We had a long conversation about the future of the country.

Meaning: discourse

L'articolo offre un discorso approfondito sull'argomento.

The article provides an in-depth discourse on the topic.

Meaning: address

Il sindaco ha pronunciato un discorso di benvenuto agli ospiti.

The mayor delivered a welcome address to the guests.

Meaning: lecture

Ho assistito a un interessante discorso sulla storia dell'arte.

I attended an interesting lecture on art history.


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A1: Il discorso è stato molto interessante.

A1: The speech was very interesting.

A1: Ho ascoltato un discorso motivazionale.

A1: I listened to a motivational speech.

A1: Mia madre ha fatto un discorso di ringraziamento.

A1: My mother gave a thank-you speech.

B1: Durante il discorso, il politico ha promesso di migliorare l'economia.

B1: During the speech, the politician promised to improve the economy.

B1: Il presidente ha tenuto un discorso emozionante sulla pace nel mondo.

B1: The president delivered an emotional speech about world peace.

B1: Mio padre mi ha fatto un discorso serio sulle responsabilità della vita adulta.

B1: My father gave me a serious talk about the responsibilities of adulthood.

C1: Nel suo discorso d'apertura, il CEO ha delineato la strategia aziendale per i prossimi anni.

C1: In his opening speech, the CEO outlined the company's strategy for the coming years.

C1: Durante il discorso commemorativo, sono stati ricordati i caduti della guerra.

C1: During the commemorative speech, the fallen soldiers of the war were remembered.

C1: Il discorso di accettazione del premio è stato un momento emozionante per l'attore.

C1: The acceptance speech for the award was an emotional moment for the actor.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The Italian noun 'discorso' translates to 'speech' or 'discourse' in English. It refers to a formal or informal spoken communication delivered by a person to an audience, usually with the intention of conveying information, expressing thoughts or ideas, or persuading others.

A discorso can take various forms and be delivered in different settings, such as political speeches, academic lectures, public addresses, or even casual conversations. It often involves the use of language techniques and rhetorical devices to engage the listeners and make a persuasive impact.

In Italian culture, discorso plays a significant role in politics, education, and public life. It is seen as a powerful tool for influencing opinions, inspiring change, and fostering dialogue. Many notable historical figures and leaders have delivered memorable discorsi that have shaped the course of events.

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