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Meaning: finger

Mi sono tagliato il dito.

I cut my finger.

Meaning: toe

Mi sono fatto male al dito del piede.

I hurt my toe.

Meaning: digit

Il numero di telefono ha dieci cifre, quindi ha due diti.

The phone number has ten digits, so it has two digits.

Meaning: thumb

Ho pollici opponibili ai diti delle mani.

I have opposable thumbs on my hands.


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A1: Ho un dito rotto.

A1: I have a broken finger.

A1: Il mio dito fa male.

A1: My finger hurts.

A1: Mi sono tagliato il dito.

A1: I cut my finger.

B1: Ho bisogno di un cerotto per coprire la ferita sul dito.

B1: I need a band-aid to cover the wound on my finger.

B1: Mia figlia ha imparato a contare fino a dieci usando i suoi diti.

B1: My daughter learned to count to ten using her fingers.

B2: Dovresti fare attenzione quando usi il coltello, potresti tagliarti un dito.

B2: You should be careful when using the knife, you could cut your finger.

B2: Il chirurgo ha suturato il dito del paziente dopo l'incidente.

B2: The surgeon stitched up the patient's finger after the accident.

C1: Durante la lezione di pianoforte, ho notato che il mio dito era leggermente storto.

C1: During the piano lesson, I noticed that my finger was slightly crooked.

C1: Il dito del pittore si muoveva con grazia mentre dipingeva il quadro.

C1: The painter's finger moved gracefully as he painted the picture.

C2: Dopo l'incidente, il chirurgo ha eseguito un trapianto di dito per ripristinare la funzionalità della mano del paziente.

C2: After the accident, the surgeon performed a finger transplant to restore functionality to the patient's hand.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The word 'dito' is an Italian noun that translates to 'finger' in English. It refers to one of the five digits on the hand, specifically the slender and flexible appendage located at the end of each hand.

In Italian culture, the dito has various symbolic meanings. For instance, raising the index finger is a gesture commonly used to indicate agreement or understanding. On the other hand, showing someone the middle finger with the dito is considered offensive and disrespectful.

The dito plays a crucial role in many daily activities such as grasping objects, pointing, typing, and playing musical instruments. Its sensitive touch receptors allow for tactile exploration and fine motor skills. Additionally, the dito is often used in idiomatic expressions and gestures that convey emotions or convey specific messages.

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