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Domanda is an Italian noun that translates to 'question' in English.

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Meaning: question

Ho una domanda per te.

I have a question for you.

Meaning: application

Ho inviato la mia domanda per il lavoro oggi.

I sent my job application today.

Meaning: request

Hai ricevuto la mia domanda di aiuto?

Did you receive my request for help?

Meaning: demand

La domanda di prodotti biologici è in aumento.

The demand for organic products is increasing.

Meaning: problem

Abbiamo un grosso problema da risolvere.

We have a big problem to solve.


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A1: Ho una domanda per te.

A1: I have a question for you.

A1: Puoi rispondere alla mia domanda?

A1: Can you answer my question?

A1: La tua domanda è interessante.

A1: Your question is interesting.

B1: Mi hai fatto una domanda difficile.

B1: You asked me a difficult question.

B1: Spero che tu possa risolvere la tua domanda.

B1: I hope you can solve your question.

B1: La mia domanda riguarda il prossimo incontro.

B1: My question is about the next meeting.

C1: Ho formulato una domanda complessa durante l'intervista.

C1: I formulated a complex question during the interview.

C1: La tua domanda richiede una risposta dettagliata.

C1: Your question requires a detailed answer.

C1: Le domande degli studenti hanno stimolato un dibattito accalorato.

C1: The students' questions sparked a heated debate.

Advanced Description

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In Italian, domanda is a commonly used word that refers to any type of question. It can be used in formal or informal settings, and it is often used in everyday conversation. The word can refer to questions that are asked for information, clarification, or curiosity.

Domanda is also frequently used in educational and professional settings. In schools and universities, students may be required to answer domande on exams or in class discussions. In job interviews or business meetings, domande can be used to gather information about a candidate's qualifications or to clarify details about a project or proposal.

Overall, the word domanda is an important part of the Italian language and culture. Whether you are asking for directions on the street or participating in a formal debate, understanding how to use and interpret domande is essential for effective communication.

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