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The Italian noun 'donna' translates to 'woman' in English.

Part of speech





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Meaning: woman

La donna sta camminando per strada.

The woman is walking down the street.

Meaning: wife

Mia moglie è una donna meravigliosa.

My wife is a wonderful woman.

Meaning: lady

La signora ha bisogno di aiuto.

The lady needs help.

Meaning: female

Il gatto è una femmina.

The cat is female.

Meaning: person

Questa donna è molto gentile.

This person is very kind.


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A1: La donna ha i capelli lunghi.

The woman has long hair.

A1: La donna indossa un vestito rosso.

The woman is wearing a red dress.

A1: La donna cammina lentamente.

The woman walks slowly.

B1: Mia madre è una donna molto coraggiosa.

My mother is a very courageous woman.

B1: La donna che ho incontrato ieri lavora come avvocato.

The woman I met yesterday works as a lawyer.

B2: Sono stato invitato al matrimonio di una donna famosa.

I have been invited to the wedding of a famous woman.

C1: La donna che stava parlando era l'attrice premiata.

The woman who was speaking was the award-winning actress.

C1: La donna che ho visto in televisione è diventata una celebrità internazionale.

The woman I saw on TV has become an international celebrity.

C2: La donna che ha vinto il premio Nobel per la pace è stata elogiata in tutto il mondo.

The woman who won the Nobel Peace Prize has been praised worldwide.

Advanced Description

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The word 'donna' is derived from the Latin word 'domina', which means 'lady' or 'mistress'. It is a commonly used term in the Italian language to refer to an adult human female. The term can be used to describe women of any age, social status, or nationality.

In Italian culture, the word 'donna' carries a sense of elegance and femininity. It is often used to convey respect and admiration for women. In addition to its literal meaning, 'donna' can also be used metaphorically to represent qualities such as beauty, grace, strength, and resilience.

The word 'donna' is frequently used in various contexts, including literature, art, music, and everyday conversations. It is a versatile term that encompasses the multifaceted nature of women and their contributions to society.

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