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Dopo is an Italian adverb that means 'after' or 'later'. It is used to indicate a point in time that comes after another event or action.

Part of speech



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Meaning: after

Vado a fare la spesa dopo il lavoro.

I go grocery shopping after work.

Meaning: later

Ci vediamo dopo.

See you later.

Meaning: next

Dopo l'estate, inizia l'autunno.

After summer, autumn begins.

Meaning: following

La settimana dopo sarò in vacanza.

The following week, I will be on vacation.

Meaning: subsequently

Dopo aver mangiato, andiamo al cinema.

Subsequently, we go to the cinema after eating.


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A1: Dopo la scuola, vado a casa.

After school, I go home.

A1: Mangio il gelato dopo cena.

I eat ice cream after dinner.

A1: Dopo il lavoro, esco con gli amici.

After work, I go out with friends.

B1: Dopo che ho finito di studiare, guardo la televisione.

After I finish studying, I watch TV.

B1: Dopo aver mangiato, mi sento pieno.

After eating, I feel full.

B1: Dopo essere andati al cinema, abbiamo preso un caffè.

After going to the movies, we had coffee.

C1: Dopo che sarò tornato dalle vacanze, racconterò le mie avventure agli amici.

After I return from vacation, I will tell my friends about my adventures.

C1: Dopo essermi laureato, cercherò un lavoro nel mio settore.

After graduating, I will look for a job in my field.

C1: Dopo aver letto il libro, ho deciso di scrivere una recensione online.

After reading the book, I decided to write an online review.

Advanced Description

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In Italian, dopo is a very common adverb that is used in everyday conversation. It can be used to talk about events that have already happened or those that will happen in the future. For example, 'Dopo cena andiamo al cinema' means 'After dinner we are going to the cinema.'

Dopo can also be used to indicate a temporal sequence of events. For instance, 'Ho fatto la spesa e dopo sono andato a casa' means 'I went grocery shopping and then I went home.' In this context, dopo is used to show that the second action followed the first one.

It is important to note that in some cases, dopo can be used as a preposition instead of an adverb. When used as a preposition, it means 'behind' or 'after', but in a spatial sense. For example, 'La casa è dopo il ponte' means 'The house is after the bridge.'

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