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Dove is an Italian noun that translates to 'where' in English. It is commonly used to ask for the location of a person, place or thing.

Part of speech





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Meaning: where

Dove sei stato ieri sera?

Where were you last night?

Meaning: dove bird

Il mio uccello preferito è la colomba.

My favorite bird is the dove.

Meaning: soap

Ho bisogno di comprare del sapone per le mani.

I need to buy some hand soap.


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A1: Dove sei?

Where are you?

A1: Il piccione vola verso la dove.

The pigeon flies towards the dove.

A2: Non so dove sia il bagno.

I don't know where the bathroom is.

B1: Ho trovato un appartamento dove abitare.

I found an apartment to live in.

B2: Dovevo andare a lavoro, ma ho deciso di restare a casa.

I was supposed to go to work, but I decided to stay home.

B2: Mi piacerebbe visitare un paese dove si parla italiano.

I would like to visit a country where they speak Italian.

C1: La città dov'è nato Leonardo da Vinci è molto famosa per le sue opere d'arte.

The city where Leonardo da Vinci was born is very famous for its works of art.

C2: Non mi ricordo esattamente dove ho parcheggiato la macchina ieri sera.

I don't remember exactly where I parked the car last night.

C2: Dove saremmo senza l'aiuto dei nostri amici?

Where would we be without the help of our friends?

Advanced Description

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In Italian, dove is a very common word that is used in everyday conversations. It is often used to ask for directions or to find out where someone or something is located. For example, if you are lost and need to find your way back to your hotel, you could ask 'Dove si trova l'hotel?' which means 'Where is the hotel located?'

Dove can also be used in combination with other words to create more specific questions about location. For instance, 'Dove abiti?' means 'Where do you live?' and 'Dove lavori?' means 'Where do you work?'. These types of questions are commonly asked when getting to know someone new or catching up with an old friend.

It's important to note that dove can also be used in a figurative sense, such as when asking about the location of an event or situation. For example, 'Dove siamo con il progetto?' means 'Where are we with the project?' and 'Dove ci porta questa decisione?' means 'Where does this decision take us?'. In these cases, dove is not referring to a physical location but rather a status or progress update.

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