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Durante is an Italian preposition that means 'during' or 'while'. It is used to indicate a period of time in which an action takes place or an event occurs.

Part of speech



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Meaning: during

Durante la lezione, ho preso appunti.

During the lesson, I took notes.

Meaning: while

Ho ricevuto una telefonata durante il pranzo.

I received a phone call while having lunch.

Meaning: throughout

Durante l'estate, vado sempre al mare.

Throughout the summer, I always go to the beach.

Meaning: for

Ho lavorato duramente durante molti anni.

I worked hard for many years.

Meaning: in

Durante la mia infanzia, vivevo in campagna.

In my childhood, I lived in the countryside.


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A1: Durante il giorno, vado a scuola.

During the day, I go to school.

A1: Durante l'estate, andiamo in vacanza al mare.

During the summer, we go on vacation to the seaside.

A1: Durante la cena, parliamo di tutto.

During dinner, we talk about everything.

B1: Durante la mia infanzia, giocavo spesso con i miei amici.

During my childhood, I used to play often with my friends.

B1: Durante il mio viaggio in Italia, ho visitato molti musei.

During my trip to Italy, I visited many museums.

B1: Durante la riunione, abbiamo discusso dei progetti futuri.

During the meeting, we discussed future projects.

C1: Durante gli ultimi anni, ho imparato molto sulla cultura giapponese.

During the past few years, I have learned a lot about Japanese culture.

C1: Durante il corso di italiano avanzato, abbiamo approfondito la grammatica.

During the advanced Italian course, we delved into grammar.

C1: Durante la mia carriera professionale, ho lavorato in diversi paesi.

During my professional career, I have worked in different countries.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

Durante is a commonly used preposition in the Italian language. It is often used to describe events, actions, or situations that occur during a specific period of time. For example, 'Durante la festa' means 'During the party', and 'Durante l'inverno' means 'During the winter'.

In addition to indicating a period of time, durante can also be used to express continuity or simultaneity. For instance, 'Ho mangiato durante il film' means 'I ate during the movie', and 'Durante la lezione, ho preso appunti' means 'While the lesson was going on, I took notes'.

It's important to note that durante is always followed by a noun or pronoun. Additionally, it can be combined with other prepositions such as 'durante da' (during from) and 'durante fino a' (during until) to provide more specific information about the duration of an event or action.

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