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Meaning: effect

L'effetto della medicina è stato immediato.

The effect of the medicine was immediate.

Meaning: result

Lo studio ha avuto un effetto positivo sulle vendite.

The study had a positive result on sales.

Meaning: impact

L'inquinamento ha un effetto negativo sull'ambiente.

Pollution has a negative impact on the environment.

Meaning: appearance

La pittura dà all'ambiente un effetto luminoso.

The painting gives the room a bright appearance.

Meaning: impression

Il suo discorso ha fatto un grande effetto sulla folla.

His speech made a great impression on the crowd.


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A1: L'effetto del sole sulla pelle è molto forte.

A1: The effect of the sun on the skin is very strong.

A1: Gli effetti della medicina si vedono dopo qualche giorno.

A1: The effects of the medicine are visible after a few days.

A1: L'effetto della musica rilassante è stato immediato.

A1: The effect of relaxing music was immediate.

B1: L'effetto delle tue parole mi ha ferito profondamente.

B1: The impact of your words hurt me deeply.

B1: Gli effetti collaterali del farmaco sono stati minimi.

B1: The side effects of the medication were minimal.

B2: L'effetto della pandemia sull'economia mondiale sarà duraturo.

B2: The impact of the pandemic on the global economy will be long-lasting.

C1: L'effetto dell'inquinamento atmosferico sul clima è evidente.

C1: The effect of air pollution on the climate is evident.

C1: Gli effetti negativi del cambiamento climatico sono ormai irreversibili.

C1: The negative effects of climate change are now irreversible.

C2: L'effetto delle tue azioni si ripercuote sulla tua reputazione.

C2: The impact of your actions reflects on your reputation.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The Italian noun "effetto" translates to "effect" in English. It is derived from the Latin word "effectus", which means "accomplishment" or "result". In general, effetto refers to the consequence or outcome of an action or event.

Effetto can also be used to describe the impact or influence that something has on a person, object, or situation. It can refer to both positive and negative effects, such as the effect of medication on a patient's health or the effect of climate change on the environment.

In addition, effetto is commonly used in artistic and creative contexts. It can describe the visual or aesthetic impact of an artwork or design, as well as the emotional response it evokes in viewers. Effetto is often used to discuss the overall impression or feeling that a piece of art or design creates.

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