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Elenco is an Italian noun that refers to a list or catalogue of items, names, or things.

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Meaning: List

Ho fatto un elenco dei compiti da fare.

I made a list of tasks to do.

Meaning: Directory

L'elenco telefonico contiene tutti i numeri di telefono della città.

The phone directory contains all the telephone numbers of the city.

Meaning: Roster

L'allenatore ha pubblicato l'elenco dei giocatori convocati per la partita.

The coach has published the roster of players called up for the match.

Meaning: Inventory

Il negozio tiene un elenco degli articoli in magazzino.

The store keeps an inventory of items in stock.


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A1: Ho un elenco di cose da fare oggi.

A1: I have a list of things to do today.

A1: Puoi darmi l'elenco dei partecipanti?

A1: Can you give me the list of participants?

A1: L'elenco telefonico è disponibile online.

A1: The phone directory is available online.

B1: Ho trovato un elenco di ristoranti consigliati nella città.

B1: I found a list of recommended restaurants in the city.

B1: L'elenco delle prenotazioni include anche le preferenze alimentari degli ospiti.

B1: The list of reservations also includes guests' dietary preferences.

B2: Sto compilando un elenco delle attività svolte durante il mio stage.

B2: I am compiling a list of activities carried out during my internship.

C1: L'elenco delle specie animali a rischio di estinzione si sta allungando sempre di più.

C1: The list of endangered animal species is getting longer and longer.

C1: L'elenco dei vincitori sarà annunciato durante la cerimonia di premiazione.

C1: The list of winners will be announced during the award ceremony.

C2: L'elenco dei requisiti richiesti per il lavoro è molto dettagliato.

C2: The list of requirements for the job is very detailed.

Advanced Description

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Elenco is commonly used in Italian language to refer to a list or catalogue of items, names, or things. It could be a list of products, books, movies, songs, people, or any other category of items that can be listed. The word elenco comes from the Latin word 'elencus', which means proof or evidence. In modern Italian language, elenco is widely used in various contexts such as business, education, and entertainment.

In business, elenco is often used to refer to a list of products or services offered by a company. For instance, a company may provide an elenco dei prodotti (list of products) on their website or brochure to inform customers about their offerings. Elenco can also be used in education to refer to a list of students enrolled in a course or program. In entertainment industry, elenco is commonly used to refer to the cast or crew of a movie or play.

Elenco is a versatile word that can be used in many different contexts. It is important for learners of Italian language to understand its meaning and usage as it is frequently used in everyday conversations and written texts. By knowing the meaning of elenco, one can easily navigate through various lists and catalogues in Italian language and communicate effectively with native speakers.

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