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Meaning: electric

Ho comprato un'auto elettrica.

I bought an electric car.

Meaning: electrical

Ho bisogno di un tecnico elettrico per riparare il mio frigorifero.

I need an electrical technician to repair my refrigerator.

Meaning: electrified

La recinzione è elettrica per tenere lontani gli animali selvatici.

The fence is electrified to keep wild animals away.

Meaning: charged

Il telefono è completamente scarico, devo metterlo in carica.

The phone is completely discharged, I need to charge it.

Meaning: electronic

Mi piace ascoltare musica con i miei dispositivi elettronici.

I like listening to music with my electronic devices.


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Ho comprato un'auto elettrica.

I bought an electric car.

Il motorino elettrico è silenzioso.

The electric scooter is silent.

La chitarra elettrica è il mio strumento preferito.

The electric guitar is my favorite instrument.

L'elettrodomestico è stato riparato.

The electrical appliance has been repaired.

Abbiamo installato un impianto elettrico nuovo in casa.

We have installed a new electrical system at home.

Il treno ad alta velocità è alimentato da energia elettrica.

The high-speed train is powered by electricity.

Gli ingegneri stanno progettando una rete elettrica più efficiente.

Engineers are designing a more efficient electrical grid.

La macchina ha subito un guasto elettrico improvviso.

The car experienced a sudden electrical failure.

Per risparmiare energia, ho scelto di utilizzare un riscaldamento elettrico.

To save energy, I chose to use electric heating.

Advanced Description

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The Italian adjective 'elettrico' translates to 'electric' in English. It is derived from the noun 'elettricità', meaning electricity. When used to describe something, it refers to the presence or use of electricity.

In Italy, the term 'elettrico' is commonly used to describe electric vehicles, such as cars, bikes, and scooters. With the increasing focus on sustainability and reducing carbon emissions, electric vehicles have gained popularity in recent years. They are powered by rechargeable batteries and offer a cleaner and more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional gasoline-powered vehicles.

Apart from vehicles, 'elettrico' can also be used to describe electrical appliances, equipment, or systems. This includes anything that runs on electricity, such as lights, computers, televisions, and household appliances. The term is often used in technical contexts or when discussing energy consumption and efficiency.

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