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Meaning: energy

La mia energia è al massimo oggi.

My energy is at its peak today.

Meaning: power

L'energia elettrica alimenta la città.

Electric power supplies the city.

Meaning: force

Ha usato tutta la sua energia per vincere la gara.

He used all his force to win the race.

Meaning: vitality

Questa bevanda ti darà un po' di energia.

This drink will give you some vitality.

Meaning: spirit

La sua energia positiva è contagiosa.

His positive spirit is contagious.


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A1: Ho bisogno di energia per fare sport.

A1: I need energy to do sports.

A1: La mia casa è alimentata da energia solare.

A1: My house is powered by solar energy.

A1: L'energia elettrica viene utilizzata per accendere la luce.

A1: Electric energy is used to turn on the light.

B1: Dovresti risparmiare energia spegnendo i dispositivi quando non li usi.

B1: You should save energy by turning off devices when you're not using them.

B1: Il mio lavoro richiede molta energia mentale.

B1: My job requires a lot of mental energy.

B2: L'energia cinetica si trasforma in energia potenziale quando un oggetto viene sollevato.

B2: Kinetic energy transforms into potential energy when an object is lifted.

C1: Gli scienziati stanno studiando nuove fonti di energia rinnovabile per ridurre l'inquinamento.

C1: Scientists are studying new sources of renewable energy to reduce pollution.

C1: L'energia nucleare può essere una fonte di energia pulita, ma presenta anche dei rischi.

C1: Nuclear energy can be a clean source of energy, but it also has risks.

C2: La fusione nucleare potrebbe essere la soluzione per ottenere energia illimitata nel futuro.

C2: Nuclear fusion could be the solution to obtain unlimited energy in the future.

Advanced Description

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The noun 'energia' in Italian translates to 'energy' in English. It refers to the capacity of a physical system or object to do work or produce an effect.

In physics, energia is often used to describe different forms of energy such as kinetic energy (the energy possessed by a moving object), potential energy (the energy stored in an object due to its position or condition), and thermal energy (the energy associated with the temperature of an object).

Energia is a fundamental concept in various scientific fields including physics, chemistry, and biology. It plays a crucial role in understanding the behavior and interactions of matter and is essential for describing natural phenomena and processes.

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