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enorme means 'enormous' in English. It is an Italian adjective used to describe something that is extremely large or huge in size.

Part of speech



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Meaning: very big in size

Quell'edificio è enorme.

That building is enormous.

Meaning: very large in quantity or amount

Hai un'enorme quantità di lavoro da fare.

You have an enormous amount of work to do.

Meaning: very important or significant

È un evento di enorme importanza per la comunità.

It is an event of enormous importance for the community.

Meaning: very intense or extreme

Ho provato un dolore enorme quando ho perso il mio cane.

I felt an enormous pain when I lost my dog.


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La casa è enorme.

The house is enormous.

Ho comprato una pizza enorme.

I bought a huge pizza.

Il cane ha un muso enorme.

The dog has a huge snout.

Il mio amico ha un talento enorme per la musica.

My friend has an enormous talent for music.

L'azienda ha registrato un aumento enorme dei profitti.

The company has recorded a huge increase in profits.

Siamo rimasti colpiti dalla quantità enorme di persone presenti all'evento.

We were impressed by the enormous amount of people present at the event.

Dopo l'enorme successo del suo primo libro, l'autore ha pubblicato il suo secondo romanzo.

After the huge success of his first book, the author published his second novel.

La scoperta scientifica ha avuto un impatto enorme sulla comunità scientifica internazionale.

The scientific discovery had a huge impact on the international scientific community.

L'enorme quantità di dati richiede un sistema di archiviazione avanzato.

The enormous amount of data requires an advanced storage system.

Advanced Description

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The word enorme is derived from the Latin word 'enormis', which means 'out of the ordinary'. In Italian, it is commonly used to emphasize the great size or magnitude of something. For example, you might use the word enorme to describe a gigantic building, a massive mountain, or a colossal statue.

Enorme can also be used figuratively to describe something that is exceptionally significant or impressive. It can convey the idea of something being extraordinary, remarkable, or outstanding. For instance, you could say that a person's talent or achievement is enorme to highlight its exceptional nature.

It's worth noting that enorme is a gendered adjective in Italian, meaning it changes form depending on the gender and number of the noun it modifies. The masculine singular form is 'enorme', the feminine singular form is 'enorme', and the plural forms are 'enormi' for both genders.

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