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Meaning: exact

Ho bisogno dell'indirizzo esatto.

I need the exact address.

Meaning: right

La risposta è esatta.

The answer is right.

Meaning: correct

La tua risposta non è esatta.

Your answer is not correct.

Meaning: accurate

Il tuo orologio è molto esatto.

Your watch is very accurate.

Meaning: precise

Devi essere più esatto nella tua descrizione.

You need to be more precise in your description.


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A1: Ho la risposta esatta.

A1: I have the correct answer.

A1: La strada è esatta.

A1: The road is correct.

A1: Il tuo orario di arrivo è esatto.

A1: Your arrival time is exact.

B1: La tua risposta era esatta.

B1: Your answer was correct.

B1: Spero che tu abbia fatto la scelta esatta.

B1: I hope you made the right choice.

B1: Non so se questa informazione sia esatta o no.

B1: I don't know if this information is accurate or not.

C1: Se avessi studiato di più, avresti dato una risposta esatta.

C1: If you had studied more, you would have given a correct answer.

C1: È importante fornire dati esatti per una ricerca accurata.

C1: It's important to provide accurate data for precise research.

C1: Dopo aver analizzato i fatti, ho tratto una conclusione esatta.

C1: After analyzing the facts, I drew an accurate conclusion.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The word 'esatto' is an Italian adjective that translates to 'exact' in English. It is used to describe something that is precise, accurate, or correct.

In everyday language, 'esatto' can be used to refer to a specific time or quantity that is precise and not approximate. For example, if someone asks for the exact time, you can respond with 'L'ora esatta' which means 'the exact time'.

'Esatto' can also be used to express agreement or confirmation. In this context, it is similar to saying 'exactly' or 'that's right' in English. For instance, if someone makes a statement and you agree with it completely, you can simply respond with 'Esatto!' to indicate your agreement.

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