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Esempio is an Italian noun that translates to 'example' in English. It refers to a particular instance or case that serves as a model or illustration of something.

Part of speech





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Meaning: example

Questo è un esempio di come si usa la parola.

This is an example of how the word is used.

Meaning: sample

Ho bisogno di un esempio del tuo lavoro.

I need a sample of your work.

Meaning: model

Il nuovo prodotto è un esempio di innovazione tecnologica.

The new product is a model of technological innovation.

Meaning: specimen

L'esemplare è stato identificato come un raro esempio della specie.

The specimen has been identified as a rare example of the species.


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A1: Questo è un esempio.

This is an example.

A1: Puoi darmi un esempio?

Can you give me an example?

A2: L'esempio che hai dato non è chiaro.

The example you gave is not clear.

B1: Ti faccio vedere un esempio di come si fa.

I'll show you an example of how to do it. (present tense)

B1: Ho visto molti esempi di questo problema durante il mio lavoro.

I have seen many examples of this problem during my work. (past tense)

B2: Se mi avessi chiesto, ti avrei dato un esempio migliore.

If you had asked me, I would have given you a better example. (conditional tense)

C1: Gli esempi che hai citato sono tutti sbagliati.

The examples you mentioned are all wrong. (subjunctive mood)

C1: Nonostante gli esempi precedenti, la teoria rimane valida.

Despite the previous examples, the theory remains valid. (past perfect tense)

C2: L'esempio più complesso richiede una conoscenza avanzata della materia.

The most complex example requires advanced knowledge of the subject. (passive voice)

Advanced Description

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In Italian, esempio is commonly used in various contexts such as education, science, and literature. For instance, when teaching a new concept in class, a teacher may provide an esempio to help students understand the idea better. In science, researchers often use esempi to demonstrate their findings and support their claims. Similarly, writers use esempi in their works to clarify their points and engage readers.

The word esempio can also be used in everyday conversations. For example, if someone wants to explain how to solve a problem, they may use an esempio to make it easier for the listener to follow. Additionally, people may use esempi to compare and contrast different things or situations. In this way, esempio helps convey meaning and facilitate communication.

Overall, esempio is a versatile word that plays an important role in Italian language and culture. Whether it's used in academic settings or daily life, esempio provides a way to illustrate ideas and express thoughts effectively.

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