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Famiglia is an Italian noun that translates to family in English. It refers to a group of people who are related by blood, marriage, or adoption and live together under one roof or maintain close ties.

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Meaning: family

La mia famiglia è molto unita.

My family is very close-knit.

Meaning: relatives

Ho molti parenti nella mia famiglia.

I have many relatives in my family.

Meaning: household

Nella mia famiglia siamo in quattro.

In my household, there are four of us.

Meaning: clan

La mia famiglia fa parte di un antico clan.

My family belongs to an ancient clan.

Meaning: group

Abbiamo formato una famiglia di amici molto stretta.

We formed a very close group of friends.


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A1: La mia famiglia è molto grande.

A1: My family is very big.

A1: Vado a trovare la mia famiglia nel weekend.

A1: I go to visit my family on weekends.

A1: La famiglia è importante per me.

A1: Family is important to me.

B1: Abbiamo festeggiato il compleanno di mio padre in famiglia.

B1: We celebrated my father's birthday with the family.

B1: Mia sorella si è sposata e ha formato una nuova famiglia.

B1: My sister got married and started a new family.

B2: Ho vissuto con la mia famiglia fino all'età di vent'anni.

B2: I lived with my family until the age of twenty.

C1: La mia famiglia mi ha sempre sostenuto nelle mie scelte di carriera.

C1: My family has always supported me in my career choices.

C1: Sono cresciuto in una famiglia tradizionale con valori forti.

C1: I grew up in a traditional family with strong values.

C2: La famiglia è il nucleo fondamentale della società.

C2: Family is the fundamental nucleus of society.

Advanced Description

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In Italy, the concept of famiglia is highly valued and plays a central role in society. Family members often rely on each other for emotional and financial support, and it is common for multiple generations to live together in the same household. The importance of famiglia can be seen in many aspects of Italian culture, from the emphasis on traditional gender roles to the strong influence of Catholicism.

The structure of famiglia can vary depending on the region and socioeconomic status of the family. In some cases, extended family members such as grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins may also be considered part of the famiglia. However, in modern times, there has been a shift towards smaller nuclear families due to factors such as urbanization and increased opportunities for women in the workforce.

Overall, famiglia represents a deep sense of connection and belonging that extends beyond just biological ties. It encompasses shared experiences, traditions, and values that are passed down from generation to generation. Whether big or small, traditional or modern, famiglia remains a fundamental aspect of Italian identity and culture.

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