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Fattoria is an Italian noun that refers to a farm or estate, typically one that produces wine or olive oil.

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Meaning: farm

Mio nonno ha una fattoria in campagna.

My grandfather has a farm in the countryside.

Meaning: factory

La nuova fattoria di produzione aprirà presto.

The new production factory will open soon.

Meaning: estate

La fattoria del conte è molto grande e lussuosa.

The count's estate is very large and luxurious.

Meaning: ranch

Il cowboy vive nella sua fattoria nel West.

The cowboy lives on his ranch in the West.


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A1: La fattoria ha molti animali.

The farm has many animals.

A2: I bambini amano visitare la fattoria.

Children love visiting the farm.

A2: La fattoria produce latte e formaggio.

The farm produces milk and cheese.

B1: Quando ero giovane, lavoravo in una fattoria.

When I was young, I worked on a farm.

B2: Mia madre mi ha detto che la fattoria è stata costruita nel 1800.

My mother told me that the farm was built in 1800.

B2: Abbiamo comprato un terreno per costruire la nostra fattoria.

We bought land to build our own farm.

C1: La fattoria biologica produce alimenti di alta qualità.

The organic farm produces high-quality food.

C2: Il proprietario della fattoria ha deciso di investire in tecnologie innovative per migliorare la produzione.

The owner of the farm decided to invest in innovative technologies to improve production.

C2: La fattoria si estende su diversi ettari di terreno e ospita anche un agriturismo.

The farm extends over several hectares of land and also houses an agriturismo.

Advanced Description

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In Italy, the word fattoria is commonly used to describe a farm or estate that specializes in producing wine or olive oil. These types of farms are often located in rural areas and can range in size from small family-owned operations to large commercial enterprises. The production of wine and olive oil is deeply ingrained in Italian culture and history, and many of these farms have been passed down through generations of families.

Fattorias are not just places where crops are grown; they are also home to a variety of animals such as cows, pigs, and chickens. These animals are often raised for their meat, milk, and eggs, which are sold locally or used to make traditional Italian dishes. In addition to agriculture, some fattorias also offer accommodations for tourists who want to experience life on a working farm.

While the primary focus of a fattoria is agricultural production, many of them also play an important role in preserving the natural environment. Farmers use sustainable practices to ensure that their land remains healthy and productive for future generations. This includes things like crop rotation, composting, and using natural fertilizers instead of chemicals. By supporting local fattorias, consumers can help promote sustainable agriculture and preserve Italy's rich cultural heritage.

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