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Meaning: Felt

Ho comprato del feltro per fare delle decorazioni.

I bought some felt to make decorations.

Meaning: Felting

Mi piace fare il feltro come hobby.

I enjoy felting as a hobby.

Meaning: Felt-tip pen

Mi puoi prestare un feltro per scrivere?

Can you lend me a felt-tip pen?

Meaning: Felt hat

Mio nonno indossa sempre un cappello di feltro.

My grandfather always wears a felt hat.


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A1: Ho comprato un foglio di feltro per fare un lavoretto.

A1: I bought a sheet of felt to do a craft.

A1: Mia nonna ha cucito un cappello di feltro per me.

A1: My grandmother sewed a felt hat for me.

A2: Il mio gatto adora giocare con una pallina di feltro.

A2: My cat loves to play with a felt ball.

B1: Ho imparato a lavorare il feltro durante un corso di artigianato.

B1: I learned how to work with felt during a crafts course.

B1: La stilista sta creando un abito di feltro per la sfilata di moda.

B1: The fashion designer is creating a felt dress for the fashion show.

B2: Dopo aver lavato il cappotto di feltro, è diventato più morbido.

B2: After washing the felt coat, it became softer.

C1: Il pittore ha dipinto un ritratto su tela di feltro utilizzando colori acrilici.

C1: The painter painted a portrait on canvas made of felt using acrylic colors.

C1: Durante l'inverno, indosso sempre guanti di feltro per tenere le mani calde.

C1: During winter, I always wear felt gloves to keep my hands warm.

C2: La scultura di feltro esposta in mostra è un'opera d'arte molto originale.

C2: The felt sculpture exhibited in the show is a very original work of art.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

Feltro is an Italian noun that refers to a type of fabric made from wool fibers that are matted and pressed together. It is known for its softness, warmth, and durability.

The process of making feltro involves applying heat, moisture, and pressure to the wool fibers, causing them to interlock and form a dense material. This traditional technique has been used for centuries to create various items such as hats, slippers, bags, and even artwork.

Feltro is often used in cold climates or for outdoor activities due to its insulating properties. It is also popular in crafting and DIY projects because it can be easily cut, sewn, and molded into different shapes without fraying or unraveling.

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