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Meaning: railway

Prendo sempre la ferrovia per andare in città.

I always take the railway to go to the city.

Meaning: railroad

La ferrovia attraversa il paesaggio montano.

The railroad crosses the mountain landscape.

Meaning: train track

Il treno deragliò a causa di un problema sulla ferrovia.

The train derailed due to an issue on the train track.


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A1: La ferrovia arriva in città.

The railway arrives in the city.

A1: Prendo sempre la ferrovia per andare al lavoro.

I always take the train to go to work.

A1: La stazione della ferrovia è vicino a casa mia.

The train station is close to my house.

B1: Ho preso il treno alla ferrovia centrale questa mattina.

I took the train at the central railway station this morning.

B1: La ferrovia è stata costruita nel XIX secolo.

The railway was built in the 19th century.

B2: Sono stato sul treno che ha deragliato sulla ferrovia di montagna.

I was on the train that derailed on the mountain railway.

C1: Il treno ad alta velocità viaggia sulla nuova ferrovia ad alta velocità.

The high-speed train travels on the new high-speed railway.

C1: La ferrovia regionale collega le piccole città della regione.

The regional railway connects the small towns of the region.

C2: Il progetto di ampliamento della ferrovia è stato approvato dal governo.

The railway expansion project has been approved by the government.

Advanced Description

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The word "ferrovia" is an Italian noun that translates to "railway" in English. It refers to a system of transportation consisting of tracks, trains, and stations used for the movement of passengers and goods.

In Italy, ferrovie (plural form of ferrovia) play a crucial role in the country's transportation network. The Italian railway system is operated by Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane (FS), which manages both passenger and freight services across the country.

Ferrovie in Italy are known for their extensive coverage, connecting major cities, towns, and even remote areas. They offer different types of trains, including high-speed trains (Frecciarossa, Frecciargento, Frecciabianca), regional trains (Regionale Veloce), and intercity trains (Intercity). Traveling by ferrovia provides a convenient and efficient means of transportation within Italy.

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