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Meaning: line

Ho aspettato in fila per il biglietto.

I waited in line for the ticket.

Meaning: row

Ci sono dieci sedie in fila.

There are ten chairs in a row.

Meaning: queue

C'è una lunga fila di persone fuori dal negozio.

There is a long queue of people outside the store.

Meaning: file

Ho salvato il documento nella mia cartella di file.

I saved the document in my file folder.

Meaning: thread

Il filo è molto sottile.

The thread is very thin.


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A1: Ho aspettato in fila per il biglietto del cinema.

A1: I waited in line for the movie ticket.

A1: C'è una lunga fila al supermercato.

A1: There is a long queue at the supermarket.

A1: Mia madre ha cucito una fila di bottoni sulla camicia.

A1: My mother sewed a row of buttons on the shirt.

B1: Abbiamo fatto la fila per entrare nel museo.

B1: We stood in line to enter the museum.

B1: La fila si è mossa lentamente a causa del traffico intenso.

B1: The queue moved slowly due to heavy traffic.

B2: Dopo aver atteso per ore, finalmente siamo riusciti ad ottenere i biglietti facendo la fila.

B2: After waiting for hours, we finally managed to get the tickets by queuing.

B2: La fila si era già formata quando sono arrivato alla stazione.

B2: The line had already formed when I arrived at the station.

C1: Non ho mai visto una fila così lunga prima d'ora.

C1: I have never seen such a long queue before.

C1: La fila si è snodata attraverso le strade del centro città.

C1: The line wound its way through the streets of downtown.

C2: Dopo aver fatto la fila per ore, ci siamo resi conto che i biglietti erano esauriti.

C2: After queuing for hours, we realized that the tickets were sold out.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The Italian noun 'fila' refers to a line or queue of people waiting for something, such as in a store, at a ticket counter, or in any situation where people need to wait their turn.

In Italy, queuing is an important cultural practice and it is considered impolite to skip ahead in a fila. Italians are known for their patience and respect for others' time, so it is common to see orderly and well-formed filas in various settings.

Filas can be found in many aspects of daily life in Italy, from waiting for public transportation to entering popular tourist attractions. It is advisable to join the fila and wait patiently until it is your turn.

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