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Final or last in a series of events, performances, competitions, or stages of a process.

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Meaning: final

La finale del campionato di calcio si giocherà domani.

The final of the football championship will be played tomorrow.

Meaning: end

Siamo arrivati alla finale del libro.

We have reached the end of the book.

Meaning: conclusive

La prova finale determinerà il voto finale dell'esame.

The final test will determine the final grade of the exam.

Meaning: ultimate

Il nostro obiettivo finale è raggiungere la vetta della montagna.

Our ultimate goal is to reach the summit of the mountain.


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A1: La partita di calcio è finita con un punteggio finale di 2-1.

A1: The football match ended with a final score of 2-1.

A2: Il concerto si terrà nella sala finale del teatro.

A2: The concert will take place in the final hall of the theater.

A2: Ho letto l'ultima pagina del libro per scoprire il finale della storia.

A2: I read the last page of the book to find out the ending of the story.

B1: L'atleta ha corso velocemente negli ultimi metri della gara per raggiungere il traguardo finale.

B1: The athlete ran quickly in the final meters of the race to reach the finish line.

B2: Dopo aver studiato duramente, ho superato l'esame finale con ottimi risultati.

B2: After studying hard, I passed the final exam with excellent results.

B2: Siamo rimasti sorpresi dal colpo di scena nel finale del film.

B2: We were surprised by the plot twist in the ending of the movie.

C1: Il regista ha deciso di cambiare il finale del film per renderlo più emozionante.

C1: The director decided to change the ending of the movie to make it more exciting.

C1: Durante l'ultimo atto dell'opera, il tenore ha eseguito un'aria finale mozzafiato.

C1: During the final act of the opera, the tenor performed a breathtaking final aria.

C2: La squadra di calcio ha segnato un gol all'ultimo secondo del tempo regolamentare, portando la partita ai tempi supplementari e poi alla vittoria finale.

C2: The football team scored a goal in the last second of regular time, taking the match to extra time and then to the final victory.

Advanced Description

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In Italian, the noun finale refers to something that is final or last in a series of events, performances, competitions, or stages of a process. It can be used in various contexts such as music, sports, literature, and even business. For instance, in music, finale is the concluding part of an instrumental composition or an opera. In sports, it could refer to the final game or match of a tournament or championship. In literature, it could mean the concluding chapter or section of a book.

The word finale comes from the Latin word finis which means end or boundary. It is often associated with a sense of completion or conclusion. The concept of finale is important in many areas of life as it marks the end of one phase and the beginning of another. It can evoke feelings of accomplishment, relief, sadness, or nostalgia depending on the context and individual experiences.

In some cases, finale may also refer to a decisive moment or outcome that determines the winner or loser of a competition or contest. This adds an element of suspense and excitement to the event as participants strive to give their best performance and achieve victory. Overall, finale is a versatile noun that captures the essence of finality and significance in different domains.

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