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Meaning: finish

La finitura di questa pittura è molto liscia.

The finish of this paint is very smooth.

Meaning: completion

La finitura del progetto richiederà ancora qualche settimana.

The completion of the project will still take a few weeks.

Meaning: end

La finitura della strada è segnata da un cartello di stop.

The end of the road is marked by a stop sign.

Meaning: finishing touch

Aggiungi una finitura con un po' di prezzemolo fresco.

Add a finishing touch with some fresh parsley.


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A1: La finitura del muro è bianca.

A1: The finish of the wall is white.

A1: Ho bisogno di una finitura lucida per il tavolo.

A1: I need a glossy finish for the table.

A1: La finitura del vestito è molto elegante.

A1: The finish of the dress is very elegant.

B1: Questo quadro richiede una finitura a olio.

B1: This painting requires an oil finish.

B1: Dopo aver applicato la finitura, lascia asciugare per almeno due ore.

B1: After applying the finish, let it dry for at least two hours.

B2: Il falegname sta finendo la finitura del mobile.

B2: The carpenter is finishing the furniture's finish.

C1: La finitura dei mobili in legno massello richiede molta attenzione e precisione.

C1: The finish of solid wood furniture requires a lot of attention and precision.

C1: La finitura della scultura è stata realizzata con una tecnica antica e complessa.

C1: The finish of the sculpture was made using an ancient and complex technique.

C2: L'artista ha dedicato mesi alla finitura del suo capolavoro.

C2: The artist spent months on the finishing of his masterpiece.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The Italian noun 'finitura' refers to the finishing or completion of something, often in the context of construction, manufacturing, or design.

In construction, 'finitura' can refer to the final touches or details that are added to a building or structure to complete its appearance and functionality. This may include activities such as painting, tiling, installing fixtures, and applying decorative elements.

'Finitura' is also commonly used in the manufacturing industry to describe the final steps in the production process, where products undergo quality control checks, packaging, labeling, and any necessary adjustments before they are ready for distribution.

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