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"fisso" Italian translation


set (unchanging)


Fisso is an Italian adjective that means fixed or stationary.

Part of speech



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Meaning: fixed

Ho un appuntamento fisso ogni settimana.

I have a fixed appointment every week.

Meaning: steady

Lui ha una fidanzata fisso da tre anni.

He has had a steady girlfriend for three years.

Meaning: constant

Il dolore al ginocchio è fisso da giorni.

The knee pain has been constant for days.

Meaning: permanent

Vorrei un lavoro fisso invece di lavorare come freelance.

I would like a permanent job instead of working as a freelancer.

Meaning: fixed-line

Ho ancora un telefono fisso in casa.

I still have a fixed-line telephone at home.


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A1: Ho un appuntamento fisso ogni lunedì.

A1: I have a fixed appointment every Monday.

A1: La mia amica ha i capelli neri e lisci.

A1: My friend has black and straight hair.

A1: Il cane è molto affettuoso e fedele.

A1: The dog is very affectionate and loyal.

B1: Ho una routine fisso di fare esercizio ogni mattina.

B1: I have a fixed routine of exercising every morning.

B1: Questo lavoro richiede una conoscenza fisso dell'inglese.

B1: This job requires a solid knowledge of English.

B1: Siamo stati in contatto fisso durante il viaggio.

B1: We stayed in constant contact during the trip.

C1: La situazione politica del paese è in continua evoluzione, non c'è nulla di fisso.

C1: The political situation of the country is constantly changing, there is nothing fixed.

C1: La scienza moderna ha dimostrato che la teoria di Newton non era del tutto fisso.

C1: Modern science has proven that Newton's theory was not entirely accurate.

C1: La mia opinione su questo argomento è ancora in fase di sviluppo, non ho nulla di fisso.

C1: My opinion on this topic is still evolving, I have nothing fixed.

Advanced Description

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In Italian, fisso is commonly used to describe something that is immobile or unchanging. For example, you might use the word to describe a fixed point in space or a stationary object such as a building or monument.

The term can also be used in a more abstract sense to describe something that is firmly established or unalterable. This could refer to a tradition or custom that has been in place for many years and is unlikely to change anytime soon.

Overall, the word fisso conveys a sense of stability and permanence. It suggests that something is not easily moved or changed, and that it has a strong and enduring presence.

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