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Fiume is an Italian noun that translates to 'river' in English.

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Meaning: river

Il fiume scorre dolcemente attraverso la valle.

The river flows gently through the valley.

Meaning: stream

I bambini giocano nel piccolo fiume di montagna.

The children play in the small mountain stream.

Meaning: flood

A causa delle forti piogge, il fiume è straripato.

Due to heavy rains, the river has flooded.

Meaning: channel

Il canale navigabile collega due fiumi.

The navigable channel connects two rivers.

Meaning: flow

L'acqua scorre con un costante fiume verso il mare.

The water flows with a constant flow towards the sea.


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A1: Il fiume scorre velocemente.

A1: The river flows quickly.

A1: Il fiume è molto largo.

A1: The river is very wide.

A1: Ho visto un pesce nel fiume.

A1: I saw a fish in the river.

B1: Il fiume si è prosciugato a causa della siccità.

B1: The river dried up due to drought.

B1: Mio padre ha pescato nel fiume ieri.

B1: My father went fishing in the river yesterday.

B2: Se continui a inquinare il fiume, moriranno tutti gli animali che ci vivono.

B2: If you continue to pollute the river, all the animals living there will die.

C1: Durante l'alluvione, il fiume ha straripato e causato gravi danni alle città circostanti.

C1: During the flood, the river overflowed and caused serious damage to the surrounding cities.

C1: L'architetto ha progettato un ponte sospeso sul fiume per facilitare il trasporto tra le due rive.

C1: The architect designed a suspension bridge over the river to facilitate transportation between the two banks.

C2: Il fiume è stato deviato per creare una diga e generare energia idroelettrica.

C2: The river was diverted to create a dam and generate hydroelectric power.

Advanced Description

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In Italy, fiume is a common word used to refer to the many rivers that flow through the country. These rivers are an important part of Italy's geography and culture, providing water for agriculture, transportation, and recreation. Some of the most famous Italian rivers include the Po, Tiber, and Arno.

The word fiume can also be used more broadly to refer to any large or flowing body of water. For example, it might be used to describe a river in another country or a wide and powerful stream. In this sense, fiume is similar to the English word 'river,' but with a distinctly Italian flavor.

Overall, fiume is a versatile and useful word for anyone interested in Italian language or culture. Whether you're planning a trip to Italy or simply want to expand your vocabulary, understanding the meaning and context of fiume is an important step.

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