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Meaning: crowd

La folla si è radunata in piazza.

The crowd gathered in the square.

Meaning: mass

Una folla di persone ha partecipato all'evento.

A mass of people attended the event.

Meaning: throng

La folla si è riversata nelle strade per festeggiare la vittoria.

The throng poured into the streets to celebrate the victory.

Meaning: multitude

Una folla di curiosi si è radunata intorno all'incidente.

A multitude of curious onlookers gathered around the accident.

Meaning: crowdedness

La folla nelle stazioni durante l'ora di punta può essere opprimente.

The crowdedness in the stations during rush hour can be overwhelming.


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La folla era così numerosa che non riuscivo a muovermi.

The crowd was so large that I couldn't move. (A1)

La folla ha applaudito entusiasticamente alla fine dello spettacolo.

The crowd applauded enthusiastically at the end of the show. (A1)

Ho perso i miei amici nella folla durante il concerto.

I lost my friends in the crowd during the concert. (A2)

La folla si è radunata per protestare contro la decisione del governo.

The crowd gathered to protest against the government's decision. (B1)

La folla stava urlando slogan e agitando bandiere.

The crowd was shouting slogans and waving flags. (B1)

Quando la polizia è arrivata, la folla si è dispersa rapidamente.

When the police arrived, the crowd dispersed quickly. (B2)

La folla si era riunita pacificamente per manifestare il proprio dissenso.

The crowd had gathered peacefully to express their dissent. (C1)

La folla avrebbe dovuto essere controllata meglio per evitare incidenti.

The crowd should have been better controlled to avoid accidents. (C2)

La folla continuerà a crescere fino a quando non inizierà lo spettacolo.

The crowd will continue to grow until the show starts. (C2)

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The Italian noun 'folla' translates to 'crowd' in English. It refers to a large group of people gathered together in one place.

In Italy, folla is often used to describe the masses of people that gather for festivals, concerts, or protests. It can also refer to the crowd at a sporting event or a busy market.

Understanding the concept of folla is important when navigating crowded areas in Italy, as it helps to be aware of the potential for congestion and the need to maintain personal space.

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