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Fondare is an Italian verb that means to found or establish something, typically a company, organization, or institution.

Part of speech



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Meaning: to found, establish

Ho fondato un'azienda di successo.

I founded a successful company.

Meaning: to base, build on

La sua teoria è fondata su solide evidenze scientifiche.

His theory is based on solid scientific evidence.

Meaning: to melt, liquefy

Il burro si fonderà lentamente sulla pentola calda.

The butter will slowly melt in the hot pan.



  • io fondo
  • tu fondi
  • lui/lei fonda
  • noi fondiamo
  • voi fondate
  • loro fondano


  • io ho fondato
  • tu hai fondato
  • lui/lei ha fondato
  • noi abbiamo fondato
  • voi avete fondato
  • loro hanno fondato


  • io fonderò
  • tu fonderai
  • lui/lei fonderà
  • noi fonderemo
  • voi fonderete
  • loro fonderanno


  • io avevo fondato
  • tu avevi fondato
  • lui/lei aveva fondato
  • noi avevamo fondato
  • voi avevate fondato
  • loro avevano fondato

Simple Past

  • io fondai
  • tu fondasti
  • lui/lei fondò
  • noi fondammo
  • voi fondaste
  • loro fondarono


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A1: Ho fondato una nuova azienda.

I founded a new company.

A2: Voglio fondare una famiglia con te.

I want to start a family with you.

A2: La città di Roma è stata fondata nel 753 a.C.

The city of Rome was founded in 753 BC.

B1: Dopo aver fondato l'azienda, ha deciso di venderla.

After founding the company, he decided to sell it.

B2: Se avessi fondato la tua azienda, avrei fatto le cose diversamente.

If I had founded your company, I would have done things differently.

B2: Fondiamo un'associazione per aiutare i bambini bisognosi?

Shall we found an association to help needy children?

C1: Ha fondato la sua fortuna sulle sue abilità imprenditoriali.

He built his fortune on his entrepreneurial skills.

C2: Prima di fondare la sua startup, ha lavorato come consulente finanziario per anni.

Before founding his startup, he worked as a financial consultant for years.

C2: La compagnia ha appena annunciato di voler fondare una filiale in Cina.

The company has just announced its intention to establish a branch in China.

Advanced Description

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Fondare is a common verb used in the business and entrepreneurial world. It refers to the act of creating or establishing a new company, organization, or institution. This can involve developing a business plan, securing funding, hiring employees, and setting up operations. Fondare is often used in the context of startups and new ventures, as these types of businesses require a lot of effort and resources to get off the ground.

In addition to its use in the business world, fondare can also be used more broadly to refer to the establishment of anything new. For example, it could be used to describe the founding of a city or the creation of a new political party. The verb is often used in formal contexts and carries a sense of importance and significance.

Overall, fondare is an important verb in Italian that has many applications in various fields. Whether you are starting a new business or creating something entirely new, this verb captures the essence of the process of establishing something from scratch.

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