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Meaning: A large area covered with trees and undergrowth

La foresta amazzonica è la più grande del mondo.

The Amazon rainforest is the largest in the world.

Meaning: A dense collection of objects or elements

La foresta di grattacieli rende lo skyline della città molto affascinante.

The forest of skyscrapers makes the city's skyline very fascinating.

Meaning: A large number of similar things or people

La foresta di segnali stradali confonde i guidatori.

The forest of road signs confuses drivers.


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A1: La foresta è molto grande.

A1: The forest is very big.

A1: Mi piace passeggiare nella foresta.

A1: I like to walk in the forest.

A1: La foresta è piena di alberi.

A1: The forest is full of trees.

B1: Ho visitato una bellissima foresta tropicale durante le mie vacanze.

B1: I visited a beautiful tropical forest during my vacation.

B1: La foresta sta crescendo rapidamente grazie alle piogge abbondanti.

B1: The forest is growing rapidly thanks to the abundant rains.

B2: Se non proteggiamo la foresta, molti animali rischiano di estinguersi.

B2: If we don't protect the forest, many animals are at risk of extinction.

C1: La deforestazione ha causato gravi danni all'ecosistema della foresta pluviale.

C1: Deforestation has caused serious damage to the rainforest ecosystem.

C1: La foresta amazzonica è considerata il polmone verde del pianeta.

C1: The Amazon rainforest is considered the green lung of the planet.

C2: La foresta boreale è uno dei più grandi serbatoi di carbonio del mondo.

C2: The boreal forest is one of the world's largest carbon reservoirs.

Advanced Description

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The word "foresta" is an Italian noun that translates to "forest" in English. It refers to a large area of land covered with trees, plants, and various types of vegetation.

Forests are essential for the health of our planet as they play a crucial role in maintaining biodiversity, regulating climate, and providing habitats for numerous species of plants and animals.

In Italy, forests are abundant and diverse, ranging from coniferous forests in the Alps to deciduous forests in the Apennines. They are not only valuable for their ecological significance but also provide recreational opportunities for hiking, camping, and wildlife observation.

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