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Meaning: hole

C'è un foro nel muro.

There is a hole in the wall.

Meaning: forum

Il foro romano è un importante sito archeologico.

The Roman Forum is an important archaeological site.

Meaning: thread

Ho aperto un nuovo foro di discussione sul forum.

I opened a new discussion thread on the forum.


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A1: Il foro è un luogo di incontro per la comunità.

A1: The forum is a meeting place for the community.

A1: Nel foro si svolgono spesso eventi culturali.

A1: Cultural events often take place in the forum.

A1: Mi piace leggere i commenti sul foro online.

A1: I like reading the comments on the online forum.

B1: Il foro romano era il centro politico dell'antica Roma.

B1: The Roman Forum was the political center of ancient Rome.

B2: Durante la riunione, abbiamo discusso dei problemi del foro aziendale.

B2: During the meeting, we discussed the issues of the company forum.

B2: Ho partecipato a una conferenza sul futuro del foro digitale.

B2: I attended a conference on the future of the digital forum.

C1: Nel corso degli anni, il foro ha subito numerosi cambiamenti architettonici.

C1: Over the years, the forum has undergone numerous architectural changes.

C1: La libertà di espressione è un valore fondamentale nel contesto del foro pubblico.

C1: Freedom of speech is a fundamental value in the context of the public forum.

C2: Il foro è stato il luogo di dibattito delle idee più importanti del suo tempo.

C2: The forum was the place of debate for the most important ideas of its time.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The Italian noun 'foro' translates to 'forum' in English. A forum is a place where people can gather and discuss various topics, share ideas, and exchange information. It can be physical, such as a public square or a meeting hall, or virtual, like an online platform or social media group.

Foros have been an integral part of human society for centuries. In ancient Rome, the Forum Romanum was the center of political, commercial, and social activities. Today, forums continue to play a significant role in facilitating communication and fostering communities. They provide a space for individuals with common interests to connect, seek advice, and engage in meaningful discussions.

Foros can cover a wide range of subjects, including technology, sports, education, politics, and more. They often have rules and moderators to ensure respectful and productive conversations. By participating in a foro, individuals can broaden their knowledge, gain different perspectives, and build connections with like-minded people.

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