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Forte is an Italian noun that means strength or strong point.

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Meaning: strong

Lui è molto forte.

He is very strong.

Meaning: loud

Il suono della musica è troppo forte.

The sound of the music is too loud.

Meaning: fortress

La fortezza è stata costruita nel XV secolo.

The fortress was built in the 15th century.

Meaning: talent

Lei ha un grande talento per la pittura.

She has a great talent for painting.


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A1: Ho un forte mal di testa.

I have a strong headache.

A2: La sua passione più forte è la musica.

His/her strongest passion is music.

A2: Questo profumo ha un odore troppo forte per me.

This perfume has a too strong smell for me.

B1: Il vento sta diventando sempre più forte.

The wind is getting stronger and stronger.

B2: Non mi sento abbastanza forte per affrontare questa sfida.

I don't feel strong enough to face this challenge.

B2: Dopo aver studiato tanto, ho acquisito una conoscenza forte della lingua italiana.

After studying so much, I have acquired a strong knowledge of the Italian language.

C1: La sua personalità forte e decisa lo ha portato al successo.

His strong and determined personality led him to success.

C2: La musica classica richiede una tecnica molto forte per essere suonata correttamente.

Classical music requires a very strong technique to be played correctly.

C2: Nonostante le avversità, ha dimostrato una volontà forte e inarrestabile nel raggiungere i suoi obiettivi.

Despite adversity, he/she has shown a strong and unstoppable will in achieving his/her goals.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

In Italian, forte can be used to describe physical strength, such as the strength of a weightlifter or athlete. It can also refer to mental or emotional strength, such as the strength of someone who has overcome a difficult situation.

In English, forte is often used in the phrase 'one's forte', which means one's strong point or area of expertise. For example, if someone is particularly good at math, you could say that math is their forte.

It's important to note that in English, the word forte is often mispronounced as 'for-tay', which is actually the French pronunciation. The correct pronunciation in English is 'fort'.

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