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Forza is an Italian noun which translates to 'strength' or 'force' in English. It refers to physical power, energy, and vigor.

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Meaning: strength

La forza di un leone è impressionante.

The strength of a lion is impressive.

Meaning: force

La forza del vento ha spazzato via gli alberi.

The force of the wind swept away the trees.

Meaning: power

Il presidente esercita una grande forza sul governo.

The president exercises great power over the government.

Meaning: energy

Abbiamo bisogno di trovare nuove fonti di forza rinnovabile.

We need to find new sources of renewable energy.

Meaning: might

Con la sua forza, ha sollevato il pesante oggetto.

With his might, he lifted the heavy object.


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A1: La forza del vento sposta gli oggetti leggeri.

The force of the wind moves light objects.

A1: Ho bisogno di una forza maggiore per aprire questa porta.

I need more strength to open this door.

A1: La forza della gravità tiene i piedi per terra.

The force of gravity keeps our feet on the ground.

B1: L'allenatore ha cercato di motivare la squadra con una grande forza.

The coach tried to motivate the team with great force.

B1: La forza d'urto dell'impatto ha causato danni al veicolo.

The impact force caused damage to the vehicle.

B2: Dopo anni di allenamento, ha finalmente raggiunto la sua massima forza fisica.

After years of training, he finally reached his maximum physical strength.

B2: La forza delle onde era così intensa che ha distrutto la diga.

The force of the waves was so intense that it destroyed the dam.

C1: Il pilota ha sfruttato la forza centrifuga per mantenere l'aereo in volo durante la manovra acrobatica.

The pilot used centrifugal force to keep the plane flying during the acrobatic maneuver.

C1: La forza di attrito tra le ruote e la strada influisce sulla velocità del veicolo.

The frictional force between the wheels and the road affects the speed of the vehicle.

C2: La forza della natura si è manifestata con un terremoto di magnitudo 7.0.

The force of nature manifested itself with a magnitude 7.0 earthquake.

Advanced Description

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The word forza is often used in sports and fitness contexts to describe the strength and endurance of athletes. It can also be used more broadly to refer to the power and resilience of individuals or communities facing challenges or adversity.

In addition to its literal meaning, forza has taken on symbolic significance in Italian culture. It is a common rallying cry at sporting events and political rallies, representing unity, determination, and national pride.

Overall, forza is a versatile and meaningful word that captures the essence of strength and vitality in both physical and metaphorical contexts.

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