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Fra is an Italian preposition that means 'between' or 'among'. It is used to indicate the position of something in relation to two or more objects or people.

Part of speech



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Meaning: between

Fra me e te c'è un grande divario.

There is a big gap between you and me.

Meaning: among

Fra i miei amici ci sono molte persone interessanti.

Among my friends there are many interesting people.

Meaning: during

Fra le lezioni ho fatto una pausa per prendere un caffè.

During the lessons I took a break to have a coffee.

Meaning: in

Il libro si trova fra gli oggetti sulla scrivania.

The book is among the objects on the desk.


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A1: Fra le mie cose preferite c'è il cioccolato.

Among my favorite things there is chocolate.

A1: La penna è fra i libri.

The pen is among the books.

A2: Lavoro fra le 9 e le 18.

I work between 9am and 6pm.

B1: Fra poco inizierà la riunione.

The meeting will start soon.

B1: Fra un anno mi laureerò.

I will graduate in a year.

B2: Fra qualche mese avrò finito di pagare il mutuo.

In a few months I will have finished paying off the mortgage.

C1: Fra tutti i film che ho visto, questo è il migliore.

Of all the movies I've seen, this is the best one.

C1: Fra i vari modelli di auto, ho scelto quello più economico.

Among the various car models, I chose the cheapest one.

C2: Fra le tante lingue che conosco, l'italiano è quella che parlo meglio.

Of all the languages I know, Italian is the one I speak best.

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The preposition fra is commonly used in Italian to express spatial relationships. For example, it can be used to describe the location of an object or person in relation to two or more other objects or people. In this sense, fra can be translated as 'between' or 'among'. For instance, one might say 'La casa è fra le montagne' (the house is between/among the mountains) or 'Fra i miei amici preferiti c'è Marco' (Among my favorite friends there's Marco).

Fra can also be used to express temporal relationships. In this case, it indicates the time interval between two events. For example, one might say 'Fra due ore arriveremo a casa' (We will arrive home in two hours) or 'Il film comincia fra dieci minuti' (The movie starts in ten minutes).

Finally, fra can be used figuratively to express a relationship of similarity or comparison between two things. For instance, one might say 'C'è una grande differenza fra la vita in città e quella in campagna' (There's a big difference between city life and country life) or 'Fra tutti i libri che ho letto quest'anno, questo è il migliore' (Of all the books I've read this year, this is the best).

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