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Frase is an Italian noun that refers to a musical phrase, which is a group of notes that make up a complete musical thought or idea.

Part of speech





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Meaning: phrase

La frase che hai detto è molto confusa.

The phrase you said is very confusing.

Meaning: sentence

Ho scritto una frase lunga nel mio tema.

I wrote a long sentence in my essay.

Meaning: expression

La sua faccia era piena di tristezza, un'espressione molto intensa.

His face was full of sadness, a very intense expression.

Meaning: catchphrase

Il suo slogan politico è diventato una frase celebre.

His political slogan has become a famous catchphrase.

Meaning: idiom

Questa frase idiomatica non ha senso se tradotta letteralmente.

This idiomatic phrase doesn't make sense if translated literally.


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Ho una grande famiglia.

I have a big family. (A1)

Mi piace leggere libri.

I like reading books. (A1)

La mia casa è vicino alla stazione.

My house is close to the station. (A1)

Sto cercando un nuovo lavoro.

I am looking for a new job. (B1)

Abbiamo visitato il museo ieri.

We visited the museum yesterday. (B1)

Lui ha comprato una macchina nuova.

He bought a new car. (B1)

Spero che tu abbia successo nel tuo progetto.

I hope you succeed in your project. (C1)

Dopo aver mangiato, siamo andati al cinema.

After eating, we went to the cinema. (C1)

Se avessi più tempo, viaggerei di più.

If I had more time, I would travel more. (C1)

Advanced Description

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In music, a frase is an essential element of composition. It is a group of notes that form a complete musical idea and are often repeated throughout a piece of music. The length and structure of a frase can vary depending on the genre and style of music being played.

The concept of frase is particularly important in classical music, where composers use it to create melodies and themes that are memorable and easy to follow. In this context, a well-crafted frase can be the foundation for an entire movement or symphony.

However, the term frase is not limited to classical music. It is also commonly used in other genres such as jazz, rock, and pop. In these styles, a frase can be more improvisational and less structured than in classical music, but it still serves the same purpose of creating a cohesive musical idea.

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