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Meaning: brother

Mio fratello è molto simpatico.

My brother is very nice.

Meaning: fellow

Quel ragazzo è un bravo fratello.

That boy is a good fellow.

Meaning: fraternity member

Sono un nuovo fratello della confraternita.

I am a new fraternity member.

Meaning: component part

La ruota è un fratello dell'automobile.

The wheel is a component part of the car.


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A1: Mio fratello è alto.

My brother is tall.

A1: Ho un fratello maggiore.

I have an older brother.

A1: Il mio fratello gioca a calcio.

My brother plays soccer.

B1: Mia sorella e mio fratello sono sposati.

My sister and my brother are married.

B1: I miei genitori hanno due figli, io e mio fratello.

My parents have two children, me and my brother.

B2: Quando ero piccolo, mio fratello mi faceva sempre ridere.

When I was little, my brother always made me laugh.

C1: Mio fratello si è trasferito all'estero per lavoro.

My brother moved abroad for work.

C1: Sono molto legato a mio fratello, siamo come migliori amici.

I am very close to my brother, we are like best friends.

C2: Mio fratello ha conseguito il dottorato di ricerca in fisica nucleare.

My brother obtained a PhD in nuclear physics.

Advanced Description

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The Italian noun 'fratello' translates to 'brother' in English. It is a masculine noun that refers to a male sibling.

In Italian culture, the term 'fratello' is commonly used to refer to a brother within a family. It can be used to describe both older and younger brothers.

The word 'fratello' can also be used more broadly to refer to a close male friend or companion.

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