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Freddo is an Italian adjective that translates to cold in English.

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Meaning: cold (temperature)

Oggi fa freddo.

Today it's cold.

Meaning: cold (emotion)

Mi ha dato un freddo dentro.

I felt a chill inside.

Meaning: cool (personality)

È una persona fredda e distante.

He/She is a cold and distant person.

Meaning: chilly (weather)

C'è un'aria fredda fuori.

There's a chilly air outside.

Meaning: frigid (sexual)

Il suo comportamento in camera da letto è freddo.

His/Her behavior in the bedroom is frigid.


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A1: Oggi fa freddo.

A1: Today it's cold.

A1: Mi piace il gelato freddo.

A1: I like cold ice cream.

A1: Ho bevuto una birra fredda.

A1: I drank a cold beer.

B1: Prendi un bicchiere d'acqua fredda.

B1: Take a glass of cold water.

B1: Sono rimasto bloccato fuori casa per ore, era davvero freddo.

B1: I was locked out of the house for hours, it was really cold.

B1: La doccia calda non funziona, quindi ho dovuto fare una doccia fredda.

B1: The hot shower doesn't work, so I had to take a cold shower.

C1: Quando ero bambino, mi piaceva nuotare nel mare freddo dell'inverno.

C1: When I was a child, I liked swimming in the cold sea during winter.

C1: Dopo la corsa, mi sono rilassato con una birra fresca e un asciugamano freddo sul viso.

C1: After the run, I relaxed with a cold beer and a cool towel on my face.

C1: Durante il viaggio in montagna, abbiamo affrontato temperature estremamente fredde.

C1: During the mountain trip, we faced extremely cold temperatures.

Advanced Description

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In Italy, freddo is a common word used to describe the temperature of something. It can refer to the weather, food or drinks. For example, if you order a cold drink at a café, you might say 'Vorrei un caffè freddo' which means 'I would like a cold coffee'.

However, freddo can also be used figuratively to describe emotions or attitudes. In this context, it means someone is distant or unfriendly. For instance, if someone is being aloof, you could say 'È molto freddo' which means 'He/She is very cold'.

It's important to note that freddo has different forms depending on the gender and number of the noun it modifies. For example, if you want to say 'cold water', you would use the feminine singular form 'acqua fredda'. If you want to say 'cold beers', you would use the masculine plural form 'birre fredde'.

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