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Frontale is an Italian adjective that means frontal or relating to the front.

Part of speech



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Meaning: related to the front or frontal area

Il danno frontale alla macchina è stato molto grave.

The frontal damage to the car was very serious.

Meaning: direct, straightforward

Ha affrontato il problema in modo frontale.

He tackled the problem head-on.

Meaning: pertaining to the forehead

La donna ha una cicatrice frontale.

The woman has a forehead scar.


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A1: La porta frontale è chiusa.

The front door is closed.

A2: Ho un'immagine frontale del monumento.

I have a frontal picture of the monument.

A2: Il sole frontale mi dà fastidio agli occhi.

The front sun bothers my eyes.

B1: L'autista ha subito un impatto frontale con un'altra macchina.

The driver had a head-on collision with another car.

B2: Il professore ha dato una spiegazione frontale della teoria.

The professor gave a straightforward explanation of the theory.

B2: La telecamera ha ripreso l'incidente da un punto di vista frontale.

The camera recorded the accident from a frontal point of view.

C1: Il politico ha affrontato il problema in modo frontale, senza mezzi termini.

The politician tackled the problem head-on, without mincing words.

C2: L'artista ha creato un'opera d'arte che colpisce per la sua prospettiva frontale e la sua profondità.

The artist created a work of art that strikes for its frontal perspective and depth.

C2: Il chirurgo ha eseguito un'operazione frontale molto delicata.

The surgeon performed a very delicate frontal operation.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The word frontale comes from the Italian noun fronte, which means front. As an adjective, it is used to describe something that is located at or pertaining to the front of something else. For example, in anatomy, the frontal bone is the bone that forms the forehead and the upper part of the eye sockets. In architecture, a frontale might refer to a decorative panel on the facade of a building.

In addition to its literal meaning, frontale can also be used figuratively to describe something that is direct or straightforward. For instance, one might use this term to describe a person's communication style or approach to problem-solving. In this sense, frontale implies a lack of ambiguity or obfuscation.

Overall, frontale is a versatile adjective that can be applied in a variety of contexts. Whether you are discussing anatomy, architecture, or interpersonal communication, this word can help you convey the idea of something being located at or related to the front, as well as something being direct or straightforward.

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