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Meaning: competition

La gara di nuoto si terrà domani.

The swimming competition will take place tomorrow.

Meaning: race

Il pilota ha vinto la gara di Formula 1.

The driver won the Formula 1 race.

Meaning: match

La gara di calcio è stata molto emozionante.

The football match was very exciting.

Meaning: contest

Parteciperò alla gara di talenti.

I will participate in the talent contest.

Meaning: exhibition

Ho visitato la gara d'arte al museo.

I visited the art exhibition at the museum.


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A1: Parteciperò alla gara di corsa domani.

A1: I will participate in the running race tomorrow.

A1: La gara di nuoto si svolgerà nella piscina comunale.

A1: The swimming competition will take place in the public pool.

A2: Ho vinto la gara di ballo ieri sera.

A2: I won the dance competition last night.

B1: Sono arrivato secondo nella gara di ciclismo.

B1: I came second in the cycling race.

B1: La gara di sci alpino si terrà sulle montagne la prossima settimana.

B1: The alpine skiing competition will take place on the mountains next week.

B2: Dopo aver completato la gara, mi sono sentito esausto.

B2: After completing the race, I felt exhausted.

C1: Durante la gara di atletica leggera, ho battuto il mio record personale.

C1: During the track and field competition, I beat my personal record.

C1: La gara di triathlon richiede una buona resistenza fisica.

C1: The triathlon race requires good physical endurance.

C2: Dopo aver vinto la gara di nuoto, l'atleta è stato premiato con una medaglia d'oro.

C2: After winning the swimming competition, the athlete was awarded a gold medal.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The Italian noun 'gara' refers to a competition or race. It is commonly used to describe various types of contests, such as sporting events, academic competitions, or even beauty pageants.

In Italy, 'gara' is often associated with sports and is used to describe competitive events like football matches, track and field competitions, and cycling races. It can also be used in a broader sense to refer to any kind of contest or challenge where participants compete against each other for a prize or recognition.

The word 'gara' can be found in different contexts, from professional competitions with high stakes to friendly games among friends. It is an important term in Italian culture as it reflects the spirit of competition and the desire to excel in various fields.

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