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Meaning: gas (substance)

Il gas naturale viene utilizzato come combustibile.

Natural gas is used as fuel.

Meaning: gas (fuel for vehicles)

Devo fare il pieno di gas per la macchina.

I need to fill up the car with gas.

Meaning: gas (state of matter)

L'acqua può essere solida, liquida o gassosa.

Water can be solid, liquid, or gaseous.

Meaning: gas (intestinal discomfort)

Ho mangiato qualcosa che mi ha dato gas.

I ate something that gave me gas.

Meaning: gas (vaporized substance)

La benzina si trasforma in gas quando viene riscaldata.

Gasoline turns into vapor when heated.


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A1: Ho bisogno di comprare del gas per cucinare.

A1: I need to buy some gas for cooking.

A1: Il mio scooter funziona a gas.

A1: My scooter runs on gas.

A1: Abbiamo un problema con la caldaia, il gas non arriva.

A1: We have a problem with the boiler, the gas is not coming through.

B1: La centrale elettrica brucia il gas naturale per produrre energia.

B1: The power plant burns natural gas to produce energy.

B1: Dovremmo passare ad un'auto elettrica invece di continuare ad usare il gasolio.

B1: We should switch to an electric car instead of continuing to use diesel fuel.

B2: L'aumento dei prezzi del gas sta mettendo sotto pressione le famiglie a basso reddito.

B2: The increase in gas prices is putting pressure on low-income families.

C1: Il governo ha annunciato una riduzione delle tasse sul gas per incentivare l'uso di energie pulite.

C1: The government has announced a reduction in taxes on gas to encourage the use of clean energy.

C1: La scoperta di nuovi giacimenti di gas potrebbe portare a un aumento delle esportazioni.

C1: The discovery of new gas fields could lead to an increase in exports.

C2: La transizione verso fonti di energia rinnovabile richiederà una diminuzione dell'uso del gas fossile.

C2: The transition to renewable energy sources will require a decrease in the use of fossil gas.

Advanced Description

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Gas is a state of matter in which particles are spread out and have no fixed shape or volume. It is one of the four fundamental states of matter, along with solid, liquid, and plasma.

In everyday life, we encounter various types of gases. For example, air is a mixture of different gases such as nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and others. Gases can be found naturally in the atmosphere or produced through chemical reactions.

Gases have unique properties that distinguish them from other states of matter. They can expand to fill any container they are placed in and can be compressed into smaller volumes. Gases also have low density compared to solids and liquids.

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