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Meaning: garden

Mi piace passeggiare nel giardino.

I like to walk in the garden.

Meaning: yard

Ho parcheggiato la macchina nel mio giardino.

I parked the car in my yard.

Meaning: park

Andiamo al giardino pubblico per fare una passeggiata.

Let's go to the public park for a walk.

Meaning: courtyard

Il palazzo ha un bel giardino interno.

The building has a beautiful courtyard.

Meaning: orchard

Nel nostro giardino abbiamo anche un piccolo frutteto.

In our garden, we also have a small orchard.


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A1: Il mio giardino è pieno di fiori.

My garden is full of flowers.

A1: Oggi andrò a fare una passeggiata nel giardino pubblico.

Today I will go for a walk in the public garden.

A2: Ho piantato delle piante aromatiche nel mio giardino.

I planted some herbs in my garden.

B1: Ogni mattina, mi sveglio presto e vado a fare jogging nel giardino.

Every morning, I wake up early and go jogging in the garden.

B1: Mia madre sta potando gli alberi nel giardino da due ore.

My mother has been pruning the trees in the garden for two hours.

B2: Quando ero bambino, passavo molte ore a giocare nel giardino di casa.

When I was a child, I spent many hours playing in the backyard.

C1: Dopo aver lavorato tutto il giorno, mi rilasso nel mio giardino zen.

After working all day, I relax in my zen garden.

C1: Nel corso degli anni, ho trasformato il mio giardino in un'oasi di pace e tranquillità.

Over the years, I have transformed my garden into an oasis of peace and tranquility.

C2: Spero che il mio giardino fiorisca rigoglioso quest'anno, grazie alle cure attente che gli ho dedicato.

I hope my garden blooms abundantly this year, thanks to the careful care I have given it.

Advanced Description

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The Italian noun 'giardino' translates to 'garden' in English. It refers to a piece of land, usually enclosed, that is cultivated and used for growing plants, flowers, and sometimes vegetables.

In Italy, gardens are an integral part of the culture and can be found in various forms such as private gardens attached to houses or public gardens in cities. They are often designed with aesthetic considerations in mind, featuring elements like pathways, fountains, statues, and seating areas.

Giardini italiani (Italian gardens) have a long history dating back to ancient Roman times when they were influenced by Greek garden design. Today, many giardini italiani are renowned for their beauty and historical significance, attracting tourists from around the world.

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