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to govern

Part of speech



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Meaning: to govern

Il presidente governa il paese.

The president governs the country.

Meaning: to rule

I re governavano i loro regni con autorità.

The kings ruled their kingdoms with authority.

Meaning: to control

La mente governa il corpo.

The mind controls the body.

Meaning: to steer

Lui governa la barca abilmente.

He steers the boat skillfully.

Meaning: to manage

Devi imparare a governare il tuo tempo in modo efficace.

You need to learn how to manage your time effectively.



  • io governo
  • tu governi
  • lui/lei governa
  • noi governiamo
  • voi governate
  • loro governano


  • io ho governato
  • tu hai governato
  • lui/lei ha governato
  • noi abbiamo governato
  • voi avete governato
  • loro hanno governato


  • io governerò
  • tu governerai
  • lui/lei governerà
  • noi governeremo
  • voi governerete
  • loro governeranno


  • io avevo governato
  • tu avevi governato
  • lui/lei aveva governato
  • noi avevamo governato
  • voi avevate governato
  • loro avevano governato

Simple Past

  • io governai
  • tu governasti
  • lui/lei governò
  • noi governammo
  • voi governaste
  • loro governarono


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A1: Io governo la mia famiglia.

A1: I govern my family.

A1: Lui governa il paese.

A1: He governs the country.

A1: Noi governiamo le nostre azioni.

A1: We govern our actions.

B1: Il presidente ha governato per dieci anni.

B1: The president governed for ten years.

B1: La nuova legge sta governando l'economia del paese.

B1: The new law is governing the country's economy.

B2: Dopo aver governato per tanto tempo, il re abdicò al trono.

B2: After governing for a long time, the king abdicated the throne.

C1: Se non si prendono misure immediate, la crisi potrebbe governare il paese per anni.

C1: If immediate measures are not taken, the crisis could govern the country for years.

C1: Il partito di opposizione ha cercato di governare in modo più trasparente.

C1: The opposition party has tried to govern more transparently.

C2: Durante il suo mandato, il primo ministro ha saputo governare con saggezza e diplomazia.

C2: During his term, the prime minister knew how to govern with wisdom and diplomacy.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The Italian verb 'governare' means 'to govern' in English. It is a transitive verb that is used to describe the act of exercising authority or control over a country, organization, or group of people. When someone governs, they make decisions, set policies, and enforce laws to ensure order and stability.

In Italian, 'governare' can also be used in a broader sense to refer to the act of managing or directing something. For example, it can be used to describe how someone governs their own life or how they govern a specific project or task. In these contexts, 'governare' implies taking charge, making decisions, and being responsible for the outcome.

It is important to note that 'governare' is an irregular verb in Italian, which means it does not follow the regular conjugation patterns. Therefore, it is necessary to learn its conjugations separately in order to use it correctly in different tenses and moods.

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