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The Italian adjective 'grasso' means 'fat' in English.

Part of speech



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Meaning: fat

Il cane è grasso.

The dog is fat.

Meaning: greasy

La pizza è grassa.

The pizza is greasy.

Meaning: thick

La nebbia è grassa.

The fog is thick.

Meaning: rich

Il cioccolato è grasso.

The chocolate is rich.

Meaning: lush

Il prato è grasso.

The lawn is lush.


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A1: Il cane è grasso.

The dog is fat.

A1: La torta è grassa.

The cake is fatty.

A1: Ho comprato un libro grasso.

I bought a thick book.

B1: Mia madre ha cucinato una cena molto grassa ieri sera.

My mother cooked a very fatty dinner last night.

B1: Marco si sente grasso perché ha mangiato troppo durante le vacanze.

Marco feels fat because he ate too much during the holidays.

B2: Sono andata dal medico perché mi sentivo sempre più grassa nonostante la dieta.

I went to the doctor because I felt fatter despite the diet.

C1: Dopo aver perso peso, ho iniziato ad apprezzare il mio corpo anche se sono ancora un po' grassa.

After losing weight, I started to appreciate my body even though I'm still a bit fat.

C1: Non posso credere che tu abbia detto a Maria che sembra grassa con quel vestito!

I can't believe you told Maria she looks fat in that dress!

C2: Non bisogna giudicare le persone solo in base al loro aspetto fisico, anche se sembrano grassi.

We shouldn't judge people solely based on their physical appearance, even if they look fat.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

In Italian, the word 'grasso' is used to describe something or someone that is overweight or has excess body fat. It is commonly used to refer to a person who is physically larger than average or has a higher percentage of body fat. The term can also be used to describe animals or objects that are bulky or heavy.

When describing food, 'grasso' typically refers to dishes that are high in fat content. This can include foods that are fried, greasy, or contain a lot of oil. In culinary terms, 'grasso' is often associated with indulgent and rich flavors. It is important to note that while 'grasso' may have negative connotations when used to describe a person's physical appearance, it can be seen as desirable when talking about certain types of food.

In everyday conversation, 'grasso' can be used both literally and figuratively. When used figuratively, it can mean excessive or abundant. For example, someone might say 'una risata grassa' (a hearty laugh) to describe a loud and contagious laughter. Additionally, 'grasso' can be used metaphorically to describe something as luxurious or opulent.

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