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The Italian adjective gratuito means free of charge or without cost.

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Meaning: Free of charge

Il servizio di streaming è gratuito.

The streaming service is free of charge.

Meaning: Gratis

Ho ricevuto un biglietto gratuito per il concerto.

I received a free ticket for the concert.

Meaning: Complimentary

L'hotel offre una colazione gratuita ai suoi ospiti.

The hotel offers complimentary breakfast to its guests.

Meaning: Unpaid

Il lavoro volontario è un'attività gratuita.

Volunteer work is an unpaid activity.

Meaning: Costless

La consegna del pacco sarà gratuita.

The package delivery will be costless.


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A1: Il parcheggio è gratuito.

The parking is free.

A2: Ho scaricato un'app gratuita sul mio telefono.

I downloaded a free app on my phone.

A2: La lezione di yoga è gratuita per i principianti.

The yoga class is free for beginners.

B1: Questo sito web offre una prova gratuita di sette giorni.

This website offers a free seven-day trial.

B2: Ho ricevuto una consulenza legale gratuita dal mio sindacato.

I received free legal advice from my union.

B2: L'azienda ha offerto la spedizione gratuita per gli ordini superiori a 50 euro.

The company offered free shipping for orders over 50 euros.

C1: Il governo ha introdotto un servizio sanitario nazionale gratuito nel 1978.

The government introduced a free national health service in 1978.

C2: La biblioteca pubblica offre l'accesso gratuito a migliaia di libri digitali.

The public library provides free access to thousands of digital books.

C2: Siamo stati invitati ad assistere a un concerto gratuito dell'orchestra sinfonica della città.

We were invited to attend a free concert by the city's symphony orchestra.

Advanced Description

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In Italy, the word gratuito is commonly used to describe services or products that are provided at no cost. This can include anything from free samples at a store to complimentary access to a website or app.

It's important to note that while gratuito refers specifically to the absence of monetary payment, it doesn't necessarily mean that there are no other costs associated with the service or product. For example, a free trial of a streaming service may require users to provide their personal information or sign up for a subscription after the trial period ends.

Overall, the term gratuito is a useful one to know when navigating Italian language and culture. Whether you're looking for ways to save money or simply trying to understand the nuances of everyday conversation, understanding this word can be a valuable tool.

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