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Gruppo is an Italian noun that translates to group in English. It refers to a collection of people or things that are considered together as a unit.

Part of speech





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Meaning: group

Il gruppo di amici si è incontrato al bar.

The group of friends met at the bar.

Meaning: band

Il mio gruppo preferito suonerà stasera al concerto.

My favorite band will play tonight at the concert.

Meaning: team

La squadra di calcio ha vinto il torneo.

The soccer team won the tournament.

Meaning: cluster

I dati possono essere suddivisi in gruppi omogenei.

Data can be divided into homogeneous clusters.

Meaning: set

Ho comprato un nuovo gruppo di pentole per la cucina.

I bought a new set of pots for the kitchen.


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A1: Il gruppo di amici si è incontrato al parco.

A1: The group of friends met at the park.

A1: Ho comprato un nuovo gruppo di penne colorate.

A1: I bought a new set of colored pens.

A1: Mia sorella fa parte del gruppo di danza della scuola.

A1: My sister is part of the school's dance group.

B1: Il gruppo di lavoro ha completato il progetto in tempo.

B1: The work group completed the project on time.

B1: Il gruppo di turisti sta visitando i principali monumenti della città.

B1: The group of tourists is visiting the main monuments of the city.

B2: Il gruppo musicale ha registrato un nuovo album lo scorso mese.

B2: The music group recorded a new album last month.

C1: Il gruppo di ricercatori sta studiando l'effetto del cambiamento climatico sugli ecosistemi marini.

C1: The group of researchers is studying the effect of climate change on marine ecosystems.

C1: Il gruppo di esperti ha presentato le proprie conclusioni durante la conferenza internazionale.

C1: The group of experts presented their findings during the international conference.

C2: Il gruppo di attivisti si è mobilitato per difendere i diritti umani.

C2: The group of activists mobilized to defend human rights.

Advanced Description

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In Italian, the word gruppo is commonly used to refer to a group of people who share a common interest or purpose. This could be anything from a musical band to a political organization. The term can also be used to describe a group of objects that are similar in some way, such as a set of tools or a collection of books.

The concept of gruppo is important in many aspects of Italian culture and society. For example, family is often considered the most important gruppo in Italian life, with close-knit family units playing a central role in many communities. Similarly, the idea of belonging to a particular gruppo can be very significant for individuals, providing them with a sense of identity and community.

Overall, the word gruppo is an important part of Italian language and culture, representing the idea of unity and shared purpose. Whether referring to a group of people or objects, it carries connotations of collaboration and cooperation, highlighting the importance of working together towards a common goal.

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