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Guardare means to look at or watch something with attention and intention.

Part of speech



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Meaning: to look at/watch

Guardo la televisione ogni sera.

I watch TV every evening.

Meaning: to guard/protect

Il poliziotto guarda la banca.

The police officer guards the bank.

Meaning: to consider/regard

Guardo mia madre come un esempio di forza e coraggio.

I regard my mother as an example of strength and courage.

Meaning: to take care of/look after

Devi guardare il tuo cane quando sei fuori casa.

You need to take care of your dog when you're out of the house.

Meaning: to be careful/cautious

Devi guardare dove cammini per non cadere.

You need to be careful where you walk so you don't fall.



  • io guardo
  • tu guardi
  • lui/lei guarda
  • noi guardiamo
  • voi guardate
  • loro guardano


  • io ho guardato
  • tu hai guardato
  • lui/lei ha guardato
  • noi abbiamo guardato
  • voi avete guardato
  • loro hanno guardato


  • io guarderò
  • tu guarderai
  • lui/lei guarderà
  • noi guarderemo
  • voi guarderete
  • loro guarderanno


  • io avevo guardato
  • tu avevi guardato
  • lui/lei aveva guardato
  • noi avevamo guardato
  • voi avevate guardato
  • loro avevano guardato

Simple Past

  • io guardai
  • tu guardasti
  • lui/lei guardò
  • noi guardammo
  • voi guardaste
  • loro guardarono


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A1: Io guardo la televisione.

I watch TV.

A1: Tu guardi il film con me?

Are you watching the movie with me?

A2: Loro guardano le foto della vacanza.

They are looking at the vacation photos.

B1: Ieri ho guardato un bel documentario sulla natura.

Yesterday I watched a nice documentary about nature.

B2: Quando arriverai, avrò già guardato il film.

By the time you arrive, I will have already watched the movie.

B2: Se non avessi guardato quel video, non saprei come fare.

If I hadn't watched that video, I wouldn't know what to do.

C1: Dopo aver guardato il tramonto, ci siamo seduti a cena.

After watching the sunset, we sat down for dinner.

C2: Nonostante abbia guardato molte volte questo film, ogni volta mi emoziona.

Despite having watched this movie many times, it still moves me every time.

C2: Avrei voluto che tu avessi guardato il mio spettacolo di danza.

I wish you had watched my dance performance.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

Guardare is a common Italian verb that can be used in a variety of contexts. It is often used to describe the act of looking at something with attention and intention. For example, you might guardare a painting in a museum, or guardare a movie on TV. In both cases, the verb implies that you are actively engaging with the thing you are looking at, rather than just glancing at it briefly.

In addition to its basic meaning of 'looking at,' guardare can also be used in a number of idiomatic expressions. For instance, if someone tells you to guardare avanti, they are telling you to look ahead or keep moving forward. Similarly, if someone says guarda che bello! they are expressing admiration for something they have seen.

It's worth noting that guardare is a transitive verb, which means that it requires an object. In other words, you can't simply say 'I am guardando' – you need to specify what it is that you are looking at. This can take the form of a direct object (e.g. 'I am guardando la televisione') or an indirect object (e.g. 'I am guardando per te').

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