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Meaning: war

La guerra è un evento tragico che porta distruzione e sofferenza.

War is a tragic event that brings destruction and suffering.

Meaning: conflict

La guerra tra le due fazioni ha diviso il paese in due.

The conflict between the two factions has divided the country in two.

Meaning: battle

La guerra di Troia è stata una delle battaglie più famose della storia.

The Trojan War was one of the most famous battles in history.

Meaning: struggle

Mio padre ha combattuto una lunga guerra contro la malattia.

My father fought a long struggle against illness.

Meaning: fight

La guerra per i diritti civili è stata una lotta coraggiosa.

The fight for civil rights was a courageous struggle.


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A1: La guerra è finita.

The war is over.

A1: I soldati combattono in guerra.

The soldiers fight in the war.

A1: La guerra porta distruzione e sofferenza.

War brings destruction and suffering.

B1: Durante la guerra, molti civili sono stati sfollati.

During the war, many civilians were displaced.

B1: I paesi si allearono per combattere la guerra.

Countries allied to fight the war.

B2: Dopo anni di guerra, il paese è stato devastato.

After years of war, the country was devastated.

C1: La guerra ha lasciato un segno indelebile nella storia del mondo.

The war has left an indelible mark on world history.

C1: Nonostante gli sforzi diplomatici, la guerra sembra inevitabile.

Despite diplomatic efforts, war seems inevitable.

C2: La guerra fredda ha diviso il mondo in due blocchi contrapposti.

The Cold War divided the world into two opposing blocs.

Advanced Description

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The noun 'guerra' in Italian translates to 'war' in English. It refers to a state of armed conflict between different nations or groups, typically involving the use of weapons and resulting in widespread violence and destruction.

War has been a part of human history for centuries, with numerous wars having been fought across the globe. It is often driven by political, economic, or ideological differences, and can have devastating consequences for both combatants and civilians.

Throughout history, wars have had significant impacts on societies and have shaped the course of events. They have led to the rise and fall of empires, changes in borders and territories, and advancements in military technology. War is considered one of the most destructive forces known to humanity.

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