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Immagine is an Italian noun that translates to 'image' in English. It refers to a visual representation of something, either real or imaginary, that can be seen by the human eye.

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Meaning: image

Questa immagine è molto bella.

This image is very beautiful.

Meaning: picture

Ho appeso un'immagine al muro.

I hung a picture on the wall.

Meaning: photo

Ho scattato una foto durante la vacanza.

I took a photo during the vacation.

Meaning: imagination

La tua immagine dell'evento è completamente sbagliata.

Your imagination of the event is completely wrong.

Meaning: representation

L'artista ha creato un'immagine della città con i suoi colori vivaci.

The artist created a representation of the city with its vibrant colors.


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A1: Ho una bella immagine di famiglia.

A1: I have a nice family picture.

A1: L'immagine sul muro è molto colorata.

A1: The picture on the wall is very colorful.

A1: Mi piace guardare le immagini dei paesaggi.

A1: I like looking at pictures of landscapes.

B1: Ho scattato un'immagine del tramonto con la mia fotocamera.

B1: I took a picture of the sunset with my camera.

B1: L'immagine che hai inviato non si apre sul mio computer.

B1: The image you sent doesn't open on my computer.

B2: L'artista ha creato un'immagine digitale usando software avanzati.

B2: The artist created a digital image using advanced software.

C1: L'immagine proiettata sullo schermo era nitida e dettagliata.

C1: The image projected on the screen was clear and detailed.

C1: La pubblicità utilizza immagini suggestive per attirare l'attenzione dei consumatori.

C1: Advertising uses suggestive images to attract consumers' attention.

C2: Nella fotografia, l'immagine è catturata in un istante ma può raccontare una storia intera.

C2: In photography, an image is captured in an instant but can tell a whole story.

Advanced Description

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In Italian, immagine is commonly used to refer to pictures, photographs, and other forms of visual art. It can also refer to mental images or representations of things that exist only in the mind. For example, when someone says they have an immagine of their dream house in their head, they mean they have a mental picture of what it looks like.

The word immagine is often used in the context of media and technology as well. In this sense, it refers to digital images that are displayed on screens or printed on paper. Immagini can be found everywhere in our daily lives, from social media posts to billboards on the street.

Finally, immagine can also be used figuratively to describe a person's reputation or public image. In this sense, it refers to how someone is perceived by others based on their actions and behavior. For example, a politician might try to improve their immagine by appearing more trustworthy and honest.

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