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Imparare is an Italian verb that means 'to learn'.

Part of speech



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Meaning: to learn

Ho imparato a suonare la chitarra.

I learned to play the guitar.

Meaning: to teach

Mio padre mi ha insegnato ad imparare dall'esperienza.

My father taught me to learn from experience.

Meaning: to study

Sto imparando l'italiano.

I am studying Italian.

Meaning: to memorize

Devo imparare tutti questi numeri a memoria.

I have to memorize all these numbers.



  • io imparo
  • tu impari
  • lui/lei impara
  • noi impariamo
  • voi imparate
  • loro imparano


  • io ho imparato
  • tu hai imparato
  • lui/lei ha imparato
  • noi abbiamo imparato
  • voi avete imparato
  • loro hanno imparato


  • io imparerò
  • tu imparerai
  • lui/lei imparerà
  • noi impareremo
  • voi imparerete
  • loro impareranno


  • io avevo imparato
  • tu avevi imparato
  • lui/lei aveva imparato
  • noi avevamo imparato
  • voi avevate imparato
  • loro avevano imparato

Simple Past

  • io imparai
  • tu imparasti
  • lui/lei imparò
  • noi imparammo
  • voi imparaste
  • loro impararono


This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

A1: Voglio imparare l'italiano.

I want to learn Italian.

A2: Ho imparato a cucinare la pasta.

I learned how to cook pasta.

A2: Mia figlia sta imparando a leggere.

My daughter is learning how to read.

B1: L'anno scorso ho imparato a sciare.

Last year I learned how to ski.

B2: Sto imparando a suonare la chitarra da un anno.

I have been learning how to play the guitar for a year.

B2: Dopo aver imparato il francese, voglio imparare il tedesco.

After learning French, I want to learn German.

C1: Avrei dovuto imparare di più prima dell'esame.

I should have studied more before the exam.

C2: Se avessi avuto più tempo, avrei potuto imparare una nuova lingua.

If I had more time, I could have learned a new language.

C2: Dopo aver imparato la grammatica, ho iniziato a leggere libri in italiano per migliorare la mia comprensione.

After learning grammar, I started reading books in Italian to improve my comprehension.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

Imparare is a fundamental verb in the Italian language, as it describes the process of acquiring knowledge and skills. It can be used in various contexts, from formal education to informal settings such as learning a new hobby or skill.

The verb imparare is often followed by the preposition 'a' and then the infinitive form of the verb that describes what is being learned. For example, 'imparare a parlare italiano' means 'to learn how to speak Italian'. This structure is commonly used when talking about learning a new language or skill.

It's important to note that imparare is an irregular verb, which means that its conjugation doesn't follow the regular patterns of Italian verbs. Therefore, it's essential to memorize its conjugation forms to use it correctly in different tenses and moods.

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