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"impaurire" Italian translation




to frighten or scare

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Meaning: to frighten

Il rumore improvviso mi ha impaurito.

The sudden noise frightened me.

Meaning: to scare

La maschera da clown mi impaurisce.

The clown mask scares me.

Meaning: to intimidate

Il suo atteggiamento aggressivo mi impaurisce.

His aggressive attitude intimidates me.

Meaning: to terrify

Quel film dell'orrore mi ha impaurito molto.

That horror movie terrified me a lot.

Meaning: to daunt

La sfida difficile non mi impaurisce affatto.

The difficult challenge doesn't daunt me at all.


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A1: Questo film mi impaurisce.

A1: This movie scares me.

A1: Il rumore forte mi impaurisce.

A1: Loud noise scares me.

A1: Mia madre mi impauriva con storie di fantasmi quando ero piccolo.

A1: My mother used to scare me with ghost stories when I was little.

B1: Sono stato impaurito dal suono improvviso della sirena.

B1: I was scared by the sudden sound of the siren.

B1: Mi sono impaurito quando ho visto un serpente nel mio giardino.

B1: I got scared when I saw a snake in my garden.

B2: Se continui a raccontare storie spaventose, mi impaurirai ancora di più.

B2: If you keep telling scary stories, you will scare me even more.

B2: La notizia dell'incidente stradale ha impaurito tutti i residenti del quartiere.

B2: The news of the car accident scared all the residents of the neighborhood.

C1: Sono rimasto impaurito per giorni dopo aver assistito a quell'incidente terribile.

C1: I remained frightened for days after witnessing that terrible accident.

C1: La minaccia di una guerra imminente impaurisce la popolazione.

C1: The threat of an imminent war scares the population.

C2: Non lasciare che la paura ti impaurisca, affrontala e superala.

C2: Don't let fear scare you, face it and overcome it.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The Italian adjective 'impaurire' means 'to frighten' or 'to scare'. It is derived from the verb 'paura', which translates to 'fear' in English. When used, impaurire describes the act of causing fear or terror in someone or something.

Impaurire can be used in various contexts. For example, it can refer to a person who intentionally tries to frighten others for amusement or to provoke a reaction. It can also describe the feeling of being scared or intimidated by something or someone. Additionally, impaurire can be used figuratively to express a strong emotional impact that makes someone feel overwhelmed or frightened.

It's important to note that impaurire is a transitive verb, which means it requires a direct object. In other words, it needs an object that receives the action of frightening. For example, 'Mi impaurisce' means 'He/she scares me', where 'mi' is the indirect object pronoun for 'me'.

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