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Impianto is an Italian noun that refers to a system or installation, typically in the context of technology or infrastructure.

Part of speech





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Meaning: system

L'impianto di riscaldamento funziona bene.

The heating system works well.

Meaning: plant

Hanno costruito un impianto per la produzione di energia solare.

They built a plant for the production of solar energy.

Meaning: installation

L'impianto idraulico della casa ha bisogno di essere riparato.

The plumbing installation in the house needs to be repaired.

Meaning: facility

L'impianto sportivo è stato inaugurato oggi.

The sports facility was inaugurated today.


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A1: Ho bisogno di un impianto elettrico nuovo per la mia casa.

A1: I need a new electrical system for my house.

A1: L'impianto di riscaldamento non funziona.

A1: The heating system is not working.

A1: Voglio fare un impianto di irrigazione nel mio giardino.

A1: I want to install an irrigation system in my garden.

B1: Hanno appena completato l'impianto di una nuova rete telefonica nel quartiere.

B1: They have just finished installing a new telephone network in the neighborhood.

B1: Dovremmo migliorare l'impianto di ventilazione dell'ufficio.

B1: We should improve the office ventilation system.

B1: Stanno costruendo un nuovo impianto sportivo nel centro della città.

B1: They are building a new sports facility in the city center.

C1: L'impianto idraulico della casa era stato progettato da un famoso ingegnere.

C1: The plumbing system of the house had been designed by a famous engineer.

C1: La società ha investito milioni di euro nell'impianto di produzione di energia solare.

C1: The company has invested millions of euros in the solar power production plant.

C1: L'impianto di sicurezza dell'edificio è stato aggiornato per rispondere alle nuove normative.

C1: The security system of the building has been updated to comply with the new regulations.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

Impianto is a versatile word that can be used in various contexts. In the field of technology, it can refer to a complex system of machinery and equipment designed to perform a specific function. For example, an impianto di produzione is a production plant that includes all the necessary machinery and processes for manufacturing a product. Similarly, an impianto elettrico is an electrical installation that provides power to a building or facility.

In the context of infrastructure, impianto can refer to any type of system or network that serves a particular purpose. For instance, an impianto idrico is a water supply system that delivers clean water to homes and businesses. An impianto di riscaldamento is a heating system that keeps buildings warm during cold weather. In general, impianto implies a level of complexity and organization that distinguishes it from simpler structures or devices.

Overall, impianto is a useful term for describing complex systems and installations in Italian. Whether you are talking about technology, infrastructure, or other fields, this word conveys the idea of an integrated and functional whole that serves a specific purpose.

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