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"individuare" Italian translation




to identify or locate

Part of speech



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Meaning: to identify

L'obiettivo è individuare il colpevole.

The goal is to identify the culprit.

Meaning: to locate

Dobbiamo individuare la posizione esatta dell'incidente.

We need to locate the exact position of the accident.

Meaning: to pinpoint

È importante individuare le cause del problema.

It's important to pinpoint the causes of the problem.

Meaning: to single out

Bisogna individuare i punti deboli del sistema.

We need to single out the weak points of the system.

Meaning: to spot

Riesci a individuare l'errore in questa frase?

Can you spot the mistake in this sentence?



  • io individuo
  • tu individui
  • egli/ella individua
  • noi individuiamo
  • voi individuate
  • essi/esse individuano


  • io ho individuato
  • tu hai individuato
  • egli/ella ha individuato
  • noi abbiamo individuato
  • voi avete individuato
  • essi/esse hanno individuato


  • io individuerò
  • tu individuerai
  • egli/ella individuerà
  • noi individueremo
  • voi individuerete
  • essi/esse individueranno


  • io avevo individuato
  • tu avevi individuato
  • egli/ella aveva individuato
  • noi avevamo individuato
  • voi avevate individuato
  • essi/esse avevano individuato

Simple Past

  • io individuai
  • tu individuasti
  • egli/ella individuò
  • noi individuammo
  • voi individuaste
  • essi/esse individuarono


This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

A1: Io individuo il cane nel parco.

A1: I spot the dog in the park.

A1: Riesci a individuare la differenza tra queste due immagini?

A1: Can you identify the difference between these two images?

A1: Gli insegnanti individuano i talenti dei loro studenti.

A1: Teachers identify the talents of their students.

B1: La polizia ha individuato il ladro grazie alle impronte digitali.

B1: The police identified the thief thanks to the fingerprints.

B1: Dobbiamo individuare le cause del problema per risolverlo definitivamente.

B1: We need to pinpoint the causes of the problem to solve it permanently.

B2: Il medico mi ha individuato una carenza di vitamina D.

B2: The doctor diagnosed me with a vitamin D deficiency.

C1: L'esperto è riuscito ad individuare l'origine del malfunzionamento dell'apparecchio.

C1: The expert managed to identify the origin of the device malfunction.

C1: È importante individuare le strategie più efficaci per affrontare i cambiamenti climatici.

C1: It is important to identify the most effective strategies to address climate change.

C2: Gli scienziati stanno cercando di individuare una cura per questa malattia incurabile.

C2: Scientists are trying to find a cure for this incurable disease.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The verb 'individuare' in Italian means 'to identify' or 'to locate'. It is derived from the Latin word 'individuare', which means 'to make indivisible'. In Italian, it is a transitive verb and is often used to express the action of finding or discovering something or someone.

When using 'individuare', it is important to note that it can be followed by a direct object, indicating what is being identified or located. For example, 'Ho individuato il problema' translates to 'I identified the problem', while 'Hai individuato la fonte del rumore?' translates to 'Did you locate the source of the noise?'

This verb can be used in various contexts, such as in crime investigations, scientific research, or everyday situations where one needs to find or pinpoint something specific. It is a versatile verb that allows speakers to express the act of identifying or locating with precision.

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